Implementing an Authorization Attribute for WCF Web API

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If you’re not familiar with WCF Web API, it’s a framework with nice HTTP abstractions used to expose simple HTTP services over the web. Its focus is targeted at applications that provide HTTP services for various clients such as mobile devices, browsers, desktop applications.

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The Dangers of Implementing Recurring Background Tasks In ASP.NET

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I like to live life on the wild side. No, I don’t base jump off of buildings or invest in speculative tranches made up of junk stock derivatives. What I do is attempt to run recurring background tasks within an ASP.NET application.

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Four Years At Microsoft

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Today, October 15 2011, marks four years of being a Microsoft employee for me. As such, it’s time for a little introspection, but in many ways, Tim Heuer already introspected for me. Much of what he writes echoes my own experience, thus leaving me with less to write about. Smile

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Preventing CSRF With Ajax

A long while ago I wrote about the potential dangers of Cross-site Request Forgery attacks, also known as CSRF or XSRF. These exploits are a form of confused deputy attack.

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Prevent Forms Authentication Login Page Redirect When You Don't Want It

redirect Go that way instead - Photo by JacobEnos CC some rights reserved

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Writing a Recipe for ASP.NET MVC 4 Developer Preview

NOTE: This blog post covers features in a pre-release product, ASP.NET MVC 4 Developer Preview. You’ll see we call out those two words a lot to cover our butt. The specifics about the feature will change  and this post will become out-dated. You’ve been warned.

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ASP.NET MVC 4 Developer Preview Released

Today, during his //BUILD keynote, Scott Guthrie announced the availability of ASP.NET MVC 4 Developer preview. Note those words, developer preview. This is not even a Beta release. But there sure is a lot of cool stuff inside.

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I’m Speaking at //BUILD!

BUILD-speaker-blingIf you’re at the BUILD conference in Anaheim, I’ll be speaking in two sessions on Thursday.

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Preflight Checklist

I had a dry run today for an upcoming presentation that did not go quite as well as I would like, though I completely expected this as I was unprepared. The good news is, it was a dry run and not the real thing, so I have plenty of time to adjust.

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NuGet 1.5 Released!

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UPDATE: We found an issue with 1.5 when running behind some proxies that caused an “Arithmetic operation resulted in an overflow” exception message and another issue with signed PS1 scripts. We’ve now posted an update (NuGet 1.5.20902.9023) that fixes the issues.

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Calling ASP.NET MVC Action Methods from JavaScript

In a recent blog post, I wrote a a controller inspector to demonstrate Controller and Action Descriptors. In this blog post, I apply that knowledge to build something more useful.

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New Ajax Grid Scaffolding NuGet Package for MVC 3

EDITOR’S NOTE:Microsoft has an amazing intern program. For a summer, these bright college students work with a feature crew getting real work done, all the while attending cool events nearly every week that, frankly, make the rest of us jealous! Just look at some of the perks listed in this news article!

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Dealing with singular plural phrasing

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This is an age old problem and one that’s probably been solved countless times before, but I’m going to write about it anyways.

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Random Friday: Geek Verticals

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Stumbling around the net, I ran into the “funny verticals” meme. These are typically a vertical strip of screenshots pulled from a movie or television with funny captions tacked on.

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Writing an ASP.NET MVC Controller Inspector

99.99999% of the time (yes, I measured it), a controller in ASP.NET MVC is a type, and an action is a method — with reflection as the glue that holds it all together. For most folks, that’s the best way to view how ASP.NET MVC works.

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Professional ASP.NET MVC 3 is available!

I hate code samples in technical books! No seriously, this is bile I’m not afraid to give a permalink to (nor am I afraid to end a sentence with a preposition, so there!).

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Vacation in the San Juan Islands

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A few weeks ago I felt burned out and was in sore need of a vacation. I suggested to my wife that we take the kids somewhere and she sagely noted that taking the kids anywhere at their ages is not a vacation. Perhaps I should go somewhere on my own.

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Text templating using Razor the easy way

As a web guy, I’ve slung more than my fair share of angle brackets over the tubes of the Internet. The Razor syntax quickly became my favorite way of generating those angle brackets soon after its release. But its usefulness is not limited to just the web.

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Model Metadata and Validation Localization using Conventions

By default, ASP.NET MVC leverages Data Annotations to provide validation. The approach is easy to get started with and allows the validation applied on the server to “float” to the client without any extra work.

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ASP.NET MVC 4 Roadmap

It only feels like yesterday that we shipped ASP.NET MVC 3 followed by a release of updated Visual Studio tooling for ASP.NET MVC 3. But we’re not ones to sit on our hands for long and are busy at work on ASP.NET MVC 4.

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