Once in a while folks ask me for details about the hardware and software that hosts my blog. Rather than write about it, a photo can provide all the details that you need.

There you have it.


Well actually^TM^, my blog runs on a bit more hardware than that these days. Especially after the Great Hard-Drive Failure of 2009. As longtime readers of my blog might remember, nearly two years ago, this blog went down in flames due to a faulty hard-drive on the hosting server.

My hosting provider, CrystalTech (now rebranded to be the Web Services home of The Small Business Authority), took regular backups of the server, but I hosted my blog in a virtual machine. As it turns out, the backups did not include the VM because it was always “in use”. In order to backup a virtual machine, the backup needs to take special action to ensure that works.

Today, I still host with CrystalTech in a large part due to their response to the great hard-drive meltdown. First and foremost, they didn’t jump to blame me. They focused on fixing the problem at hand. In the past, I’ve hosted with other providers who excelled at making you feel that anything wrong was your fault. Ever been in a relationships like that?

Once things were settled, they worked with me to figure out what systematic changes they should make to ensure this sort of thing doesn’t happen again. Hard drives will fail. You can’t prevent that. But you can ensure that the data customers care about are backed up and verified.

Not only that, they hooked me up with a pretty nice new dedicated server. Smile

Even though they now are prepared to ensure VMs are backed up, I now host on bare metal, in part because my other tenant moved off of the server so I don’t really need to share it anymore. All miiiiiine!


  • Case:2U server dedicated server
  • Processors: 2x Intex Xeon CPU 3.20 GHZ (1 core, 2 logical processors) x64
  • Memory: 4.00 GB RAM
  • OS Hard Drive: C: 233 GB RAID 1 (2 physical drives)
  • Data Hard Drive: D: 467 GB RAID 5 (3 physical drives)


  • OS: Windows Server 2008 Datacenter SP2
  • Database: SQL Server 2008
  • Web Server: IIS 7 running ASP.NET 4
  • Blog:Subtext
  • Backup: In addition to the machine backus, I have a scheduled task that 7z archives my web directories and also takes a SQL backup into a backups folder. Windows Live Mesh syncs those backup files to my home machine.

This server hosts the following sites:

For some of these sites, I plan to migrate them to other cloud based solutions. For example, rather than have my own NuGet feed, I’ll just use a http://myget.org/ feed.

Even so, I plan to keep https://haacked.com/ on this hardware for as long as The Small Business Authority lets me. It’s a great way for me to keep my system administration skills from completely atrophying and I like having a server at my disposal.

So thanks again to The Small Business Authority (though I admit, I liked CrystalTech as a name betterSmile with tongue
out) for hosting this blog! And thank you for reading!