In case you were wondering, not that I have any reason to believe you were, Haacked is not my real name.

In the offline world, (which some prefer to call the “real world”), people tend to call me Phil Haack (pronounced, you guessed it, “hack”) — unless of course they are calling me more colorful names as is sometimes deserved.

Haacked is simply my blogger handle (creative, eh?). I also go by @haacked on Twitter

What I do

I’m a stay-at-home parent and independent malcontent.

I used to work at GitHub doing whatever I could to make it even more awesome. Prior to that I worked at Microsoft on NuGet and ASP.NET MVC and helped to usher in Microsoft’s Open Source era.

Why I do it

Ever since I first laid my hands on my first computer, a TRS-80, aka Trash 80, I’ve loved computers and all the wonderful things you can make them do such as printing Care to play a game? in an infinite loop.

I also have a passion for managing and developing Open Source projects. There’s something immensely satisfying in working with developers all over the world on a common goal, and then sharing that product with all comers.

I also enjoy helping companies that write software become more effective at it. Often, it’s not the lack of technical know-how that holds teams back, but the lack of management and leadership skills that get in the way.

What I do for fun

What is it about American culture that causes us to ask people What do you do? and mean What is your occupation? rather than What do you do for fun?. And here I go propagating that mindset by putting this section last.

Oh well. Read my blog for a while and you’ll find I’m fanatical about playing soccer.

Living in beautiful Bellevue, WA, I take every occasion to go hiking and camping.