Leaving Las Vegas With Software Consulting Ethics Intact

What would you do if you found out that a project you were working on was going to be used in an unethical or illegal manner?

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How To Handle The DIV Tag Around ASP.NET Hidden Inputs

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One praiseworthy aspect of ASP.NET 2.0 is its much improved XHTML compliance. However, there is one particular implementation detail related to this that causes some web designs to break and could have been implemented in a better manner.

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Build Traffic With Father's Day Humor

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With Father’s Day fast approaching (June 17 this year), and now that I have joined the hallowed ranks of fathers, I thought I’d have a little fun writing about something I posted on my blog two years ago, but has recently popped up on my radar.

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Easily Test Your Code For Multiple Cultures

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Globe from the
stock.xchng Most of the time when I’m testing my code, I only test it using the en-US culture since, …well…, I speak English and I live in the U.S. Isn’t the U.S. the only country that matters anyway? ;)

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The Most Useful .NET Utility Classes Developers Tend To Reinvent Rather Than Reuse

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Subkismet Demo Website

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In my last post I mentioned that Subkismet is ready to put a thumping on comment SPAM for your web applications. Unfortunately I didn’t have much in the way of demo code.

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Introducing Subkismet-The Cure For Comment Spam

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Update: I’ve created a new NuGet Package for Subkismet (Package Id is “subkismet”) which will make it much easier to include this in your own projects.

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Introducing Cody Yokoyama Haack

A while back I mentioned the beginning of phase 1 of my total world domination plans. This morning at 3:55 AM, phase 1 is officially complete with the birth of our son, Cody Yokoyama Haack, all seven pounds and fourteen ounces of him.

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Dvorak, Keyboard Layout of Champions

KeyboardOne thing that never gets old is when someone visits me and asks to check some email on my computer.

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Finding Code On Your Machine

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As I mentioned before, I am the Product Manager for the Koders.com website. I am responsible for the search engine, the source code index, the forums, the blog and the Content Management System.

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Windows Live Writer Manifest For Subtext

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View Microsoft recently released Windows Live Writer Beta 2, the long awaited next version of their blog editing tool. Although there are a few quirks with WLW, I find the user interface and usability to be really nice. They make great use of the right sidebar panel.

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Allowing Business Users To Program Your System Is A Recipe For Disaster

I don’t know about you, but every company I’ve ever worked at had a Fort Knox like system in place for deploying code to the production server. Typically, deployment looks something like this (some with more steps, some with less):

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Twitter Solves the Chat Usability Problem

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Ok, this will be my last post on Twitter for the time being. My last two posts on the subject pointed out flaws with it, so I thought I’d follow up with something positive.

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Did Microsoft Violate TestDriven.NET's EULA in Enforcing Its Own EULA?

I'd Rather Be a DJ Than A Rockstar Developer

With all this talk of rockstar programmers, I like Ron Evan’s take when he says, “I Would Rather Be A Jazz Programmer”.

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Strongly Typed Stored Procedures Using Subsonic

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I don’t know about you, but I find it a pain to call stored procedures from code. Either I end up writing way too much code to specify each SqlParameter explicitly, or I use a tool like Microsoft’s Data Access Application Block’s SqlHelper classj to pass in the parameter values, which requires me to remember the correct parameter order (it actually supports both methods of calling a stored procedure). What a pain!

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The Only Universal Language In Software Is English

In a recent post, I compared the expressiveness of the Ruby style of writing code to the current C# style of writing code. I then went on and demonstrated one approach to achieving something close to Ruby’s expressiveness using Extension Methods in C# 3.0.

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Motivate Your Unit Tests With the Release of MbUnit 2.4

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Are your unit tests a little flat lately? Have they lost their shine and seem a bit directionless? Maybe it’s time to jazz ’em up a bit with the latest release of MbUnit.

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Why Didn't Anyone Tell Me Steve McConnell Has A Blog!?

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Come on people! I count on you to keep me informed! It looks like he started it way back in March.

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Ruby-Like Expressiveness in C# 3.0

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UPDATE: Looks like Ian Cooper had posted pretty much the same code in the comments to Scott’s blog post. I hadn’t noticed it. He didn’t have a chance to compile it, so consider this post a validation of your example Ian! :)

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