With Father’s Day fast approaching (June 17 this year), and now that I have joined the hallowed ranks of fathers, I thought I’d have a little fun writing about something I posted on my blog two years ago, but has recently popped up on my radar.

As a fan of dark humor, I thought this was rather clever and funny at the time.

If you take a closer look at the comments, you’ll notice that there are no comments from 2005. They all start in 2007. It turns out that at that time, I didn’t have much traffic.

But recently, this post somehow found its way on StumbleUpon as well as a couple of other humor sites which drove a huge amount of traffic to my blog. The following graph shows you the number of visits per day.

Google Analytics

As you can see, I enjoyed a brief spike in traffic, but things returned pretty much to normal soon afterwards.

What’s interesting about this spike in traffic is that it follows the traffic pattern that you hear about when a site is featured prominently on Digg. In other words, what would you guess happened to the average time on my site?

google analytics average time on

You got it. There was a corresponding dip. Well that makes sense, there isn’t much to read so most users looked at it and moved on. Was there a corresponding drop in the number of pages per visit?

![pages] per visit](https://haacked.com/assets/images/haacked_com/WindowsLiveWriter/MusingsonFathersDayHumor_D88B/pages-per-visit.png)

A slight dip, but not by much. Most visitors to my site view only one to two pages at most per visit.

So there you go, if you want to drive traffic to your blog two years from now, post something really really funny. But keep in mind that this traffic is not qualified traffic in that it won’t likely convert to new readers who actually enjoy the whole of your blog.

In general, I think it’s best to focus on building the type of traffic you want. But if you have something truly funny to post, do share.