Steve Harman posts a request to nominate Subtext for a SourceForge 2007 Community Choice Award.

The team is proud to present our second annual Community Choice Awards. Winners are selected by community members like you, and it’s that time again! Cast a ballot for your favorite projects now and make your voice heard.

To nominate Subtext, just click on the badge below:


Nominations are accepted until June 29th, at which point the projects with the most nominations become finalists. You can nominate a project once per category. The ones that I think best fits Subtext are:

  • Most Collaborative Project: The project most likely to accept your patches and value your input
  • Best Project for Communications: The best project for talking to your friends or sharing information
  • Best Project: This is the one! The all-over best project. (hey, this is a bit reaching, but it doesn’t hurt to try, no?)

If Subtext makes the finalists, then vote for us from July 9th to July 26th at the following URL:

Don’t worry, if that happens, I’ll remind you. :)

We appreciate your nomination. Heck, I’ll appreciate it if you just thought about it for a moment and moved on.