In my last post I mentioned that Subkismet is ready to put a thumping on comment SPAM for your web applications. Unfortunately I didn’t have much in the way of demo code.

Today, I have rectified that situation with a new site: Currently, this is just a one-page site with demonstrations of the three main spam fighting measures, along with source code.

I am really glad that I created this demo site because I realized my first release of Subkismet was incomplete and didn’t work. However, like Google, I cowardly hid behind the BETA moniker as an excuse. But no longer, everything is now working and the proof is in the demo.

If you download the latest source code, you’ll see that I’ve included the source code for as a separate web application project.

As we add new spam fighting kung fu to the library, we’ll keep the demo site updated as a proof that the code actually works.