A while back I mentioned the beginning of phase 1 of my total world domination plans. This morning at 3:55 AM, phase 1 is officially complete with the birth of our son, Cody Yokoyama Haack, all seven pounds and fourteen ounces of him.

First, the little dictator is ready to rule our household. Later, the world! (click to see larger)


Actually, our affectionate nickname for Cody is “Little Thug” because of the skull cap they gave him and for the way he likes to mad dog us. Here’s a short little video to demonstrate.

Of course, he may have good reason to look upset at us, given these incriminating photos.

074 Cody
077 Cody

We brought Cody home the same day that he was born. Cody’s momma is doing just fine. From start to finish, the whole process took around 9 hours. It was fast, but furious. Fortunately, there were no complications and my wife was able to deliver without the aid of any drugs, which was her goal. Let’s just say I am in awe of her because I was trying to get pain killers and I was just holding her hand.

It was a long night, but an amazing experience. The little guy is a total trooper. When they pricked his heel to draw blood for various tests, he grumbled a bit, but didn’t end up wailing as I expected. Of course, thugs don’t wail.

There are more photos on flickr.