Subtext Is In The Running. Please Vote.

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sf-cca-vote A little while ago I pleaded with my readers to nominate Subtext for a SourceForge Community Choice Award.

The good news is that it worked! Subtext is one of the finalists for a Community Choice Award in two categories:

  • Best Project for Communications: The best project for talking to your friends or sharing information. Other nominees include - Miranda, Pidgin, and FileZilla.\
  • Most Collaborative Project: The project most likely to accept your patches and value your input. Other nominees include - Azureus, XOOPS, and Zimbra.

That’s some heady competition we’re up against.

As far as I know, Subtext is one of only two .NET projects to be nominated overall, the other being a corporate sponsored application (not that there’s anything wrong with that).

Why Am I Politicking This?

So here’s the deal. Competitions like this are not about choosing the actual best project. There’s just no way that there are developers out there who have worked on every project in these categories and knows for a fact that Subtext communicates with its users better than FileZilla (we do).

I am fully aware that this is purely a popularity contest. Heck, I voted for 7-Zip in almost every category because of how useful I find it, not because I know for a fact that it has the Best Technical Design (it probably does).

As I just wrote, I think that despite the short rift that .NET gets in the broader Open Source Community, it is a great platform for Open Source development.

If you agree, please vote for Subtext and spread the word. I think it’d be neat to have a .NET project (especially one that starts with an “S”) as a community choice winner. Voting ends on July 20^th^. Thanks!

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  1. Avatar for Keyvan Nayyeri
    Keyvan Nayyeri July 2nd, 2007

    Can you post something else when your friends on Subtext team are nominated to win two awards?! As those

  2. Avatar for GuoLa
    GuoLa July 3rd, 2007

    I vote it.

  3. Avatar for Carl Wright
    Carl Wright July 3rd, 2007

    Well, you can have my vote in theory. Unfortunately I, and probably Jeff, will not be among those actually casting votes.
    If I get a little more time later, I will probably go through the whole Forgot Password->Reset Password->Forget Password Again cycle.
    I think it's probably right that only registered members can cast votes, but I visit Sourceforge so infrequently (as infrequently as I can possibly manage, tbh) that I wouldn't even begin to guess at my password.
    Good luck, though!