Will RSS Readers Clog the Web?

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Found this on Wired News…

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e is a magic number

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P2P RSS and the Return of Push!

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Wired Magazine May 2004 I just finished reading an essay in the latest edition of Wired by Gary Wolf entitled “The Return Of Push!” discussing whether or not RSS will realize his prediction made seven years ago. His prediction in Wired 5.03 was that web browsers were about to become obsolete due to push technologies such as PointCast.

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Looks like Tech-Ed is a no go for me...

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My company won’t approve any capital expenses till June. Unless I can convince them to do a delayed expense (I pay now, they reimburse later) I probably won’t make it. Boo.

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Eagle Attacks, Carries Off Bear Cub

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Pop Quiz: Can you reference an exe assembly

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With Visual Studio.NET 2005 and on, you can now reference an exe assembly just fine.

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My wife, the Google AdSense clicker...

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If you read my blog in an aggregator, you probably haven’t noticed the little advertisements at the top of the page. These ads are served from Google as part of their AdSense program and require a bit of javascript to display (hence they do not show up in individual blog postings as I intended).

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Corn syrup: the sticky kiiller

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File this one in the “I told you so” category.

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Weekend Update - Go Lakers!

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Geek Life During our internet access drought after moving into our new place, I would check my wife’s email for her at work. Since I had access to her account, I thought I would add my RSS feed to her “My Yahoo” page so that my headlines appear. She thought it was neat, but then complained that my content is pure geek.

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The New And More Potent Off-Shoring Threat

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Enhancing Your .Text Blog - Allowing Readers to Rate Blog Entries

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Chris Sells Is Going To Burning Man

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BurningManUnfortunately, my plans for going to Burning Man this year are not to be. However, it looks like Mr. Sells and his wife are going.

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RatingAPI Revisited

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After reading up on the CommentAPI, if I were to write the RatingAPI, I’d pretty much plagiarize the CommentAPI but only make the following changes:

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New RSS Bandit Formatter Stylesheet - C64

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C64I was fooling around with building a custom stylesheet for formatting RSS items within RSS Bandit and I created one that tries to emulate the Commodore 64 look and feel. While it is possible to download the exact font used by the 64, I chose not to require a font download and instead chose Terminal. It is close enough and exists on most machines. If you want this style for yourself, download the template here and save it to the following directory (assuming a default installation):

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XEarth For Windows

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XEarth For you grizzled Unix hacks out there, this might be old news, but I just learned of a really neat tool that I’m sure will appeal to the geophysicist in each of us (or at least Erik).

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Tweekend - The Crystal Method

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TweekendPulled this classic CD out of the crate for a little funky listening today. It starts off with a robotic funky track in “PHD” and progresses through some ragin’ rock in “Name of the Game” before settling down into a lush soundscape with “Blowout”, my favorite track on the CD.

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The Ultimate Business Plan.

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A friend of mine told me about a deal his company is working on in which an dot com internet company which was valued at around a couple million dollars a few years ago has now reached an agreement to be sold for a couple hundred million. He’s not at liberty to discuss which company (so we can buy up its stock), but the company does not deal with rocket science.

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Survey Unveils What Happens in Bedroom

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This is the type of research that keeps the head of Ikea rich rich rich…

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Soccer Player Scores World's Fastest Goal

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Soccer Ball I once scored even faster than this… oh wait, we’re talking soccer here.

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LostYouth is back...

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Back in the day, amidst all the stupidity prevalent on the web, there was one site that dared to raise the banner and take the stupidity one step higher. That site was, my friends, lostyouth.com.

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