San FranciscoMy car hates me. Or it should. Last week I made two round trips to SD. Last Friday night, I returned from SD, and Akumi and I left the following Saturday morning to drive up to San Francisco. I used to love road trips, but after all the hours of sitting on my ass in my car this weekend, I’m done for the time being (or at least for two weeks since we’re going camping).

The highlight of the trip was the outstanding weather in San Francisco. Mark Twain supposedly once said “The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco.” Well, too bad he wasn’t there this past weekend. It was absolutely gorgeous up there. Even nicer than LA and SD. We laid out like cats in the sun by a fountain in a park with a view of the SFMOMA. I forget the name. We met up with Laura and had dinner at R&G Lounge. That was some of the best Chinese food I’ve had in a long while. It even met up to Laura’s standards. Surprising coming from a place with such a droll name.

That evening we had drinks in The View, an aptly named bar on the top of the Marriot. The View that caught my attention was the view of the tab. Damn them drinks are expensive!

The next day, we spent with friends of Tim and Laura, Eric and Jenny, who have a cute chubby baby boy named Peter. Peter is an innovator. He claps by moving his hands vertically up and down slapping the top of one hand with the bottom of the other.

SF had its own Carnival going on which was pure craziness. The floats were fun to watch, but walking through the crowd got very tight and annoying.

Checked out the POP! art show at the SFMOMA. It was a bit disappointing as the size of the collection was really small and they didn’t have enough Warhols or Lichtensteins for my wife’s taste.