Cheney Coordinated Haliburton Contract

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Found this out in the blogosphere:

Apparently, Time has obtained an internal pentagon emailthat links Dick Cheney directly to the no-bid contract that Haliburton received for rebuilding Iraq’s oil infrastructure. Sadly, people most likely won’t hear about this, and it will die with all the other smoking guns that practically scream out and demand some independent investigation into this administration. Clinton got one for getting a hummer from an intern, but the current administration, flagrantly flaunting its corruption, slips by over and over again. [via the ever-great, wish-he-blogged-more Marc Goodner] \

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[Via Corey’s Ramblings]

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    Joanne June 23rd, 2004

    The Haiburton contracts are a political scandal.

    Newsmen tell us over and over that a subsidary of Haliburton over charged millions

    for meals. We have never been told what or if any punishment or fines were


    This Haliburton Cheney story needs to stay on the front page. Demostrations,

    law suites on behalf of taxpayers, something has to keep this scandal in the

    face of voters.

    Nixon said he was not a crook. Haa Cheney taken that line?

    Congress needs to pass a new law stating that no contract can be made between

    a President or Vice Presidents past employers or any company in which either

    official was employed and the United States government without the consent

    of both houses of congress.

    The Haliburton sweet deals were pure political graft.