Unreal Tournament 2004 Cover I have a confession to make. While at Tech-Ed, I did some bad things. Please look upon me not with a judging eye, but try to have a forgiving stance.

While at Tech-Ed, I missed several sessions I had planned to attend…in order to…*gasp* play Unreal Tournament 2004.

I know. I know. I’m supposed to be at Tech-Ed to learn the latest and greatest Microsoft technologies, not to waste my time manning the guns on a Leviathan, or sniping suckers with the lightning gun. But I just couldn’t help it! My boys (and girls, but mostly boys) out there needed me! I couldn’t just ditch my team as the other team was encroaching on the main base now could I? What did you expect me to do in the face of such temptation as a setup consisting of 32 networked AMD 64 bit servers with flat panel displays?

In any case, I’ve checked myself into Dennis Fong Clinic for 1st person shooter addicts. I’ll get the help I need at the DFC. Hmmm… DFC… Sounds like a new weapon in UT… Wonder how I get that…