Unleashing a new design...

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Thanks to the help of the very talented Joel Bernarte, I have a nice new look to the site. He created the logo you see at top. I then spent a bunch of time trying to modify the layout and Css to do the logo justice.

If you’re viewing this in an aggregator, you’ll actually have to take a second outside of the aggregator to look at my site haacked.com using that antiquated piece of technology that used to rule your life called a Web Browser (which might just be integrated in your aggregator). Thanks. Now back to the new technology that’s ruling your life…

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  1. Avatar for Adam Kinney
    Adam Kinney June 6th, 2004

    Looks Good!

  2. Avatar for Haacked
    Haacked June 6th, 2004

    Thanks! I spent way too much time working on the drop shadows and new layout this weekend. Ugh... I'm glad my lovely wife still remembers my name. ;)