GitHub Drinkup MVP Edition

Next week Microsoft hosts its annual MVP Summit. So what better time for me to host my first GitHub Drinkup – MVP Edition at the Tap House Grill!

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What Is The Spirit of Open Source?

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In my previous post, I attempted to make a distinction between Open Source and Open Source Software. Some folks took issue with the post and that’s great! I love a healthy debate. It’s an opportunity to learn. One minor request though. If you disagree with me, I do humbly ask that you read the whole post first before you go and rip me a new one.

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Open Source and Open Source Software Are Not The Same Things

UPDATE: I have a follow-up post that addresses a few criticisms of this post.

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Changing A Strong Name Is A Major Breaking Change

Recently, the Log4Net team released log4net 1.2.11 (congrats by the way!). The previous version of log4Net was 1.2.10.

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The State of NuGet

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I’ve seen a few recent tweets asking about what’s going on with NuGet since I left Microsoft. The fact is that the NuGet team has been hard at work on the release and have been discussing it in various public forums. I think the feeling of “quiet” might be due to the lack of blogging, which I can easily correct right now!

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Hazards of Converting Binary Data To A String

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Back in November, someone asked a question on StackOverflow about converting arbitrary binary data (in the form of a byte array) to a string. I know this because I make it a habit to read randomly selected questions in StackOverflow written in November 2011. Questions about text encodings in particular really turn me on.

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Getting Older

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Birthdays are a funny thing, aren’t they? Let’s look at this tweet for example,

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Comparing Strings in Unit Tests

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Suppose you have a test that needs to compare strings. Most test frameworks do a fine job with their default equality assertion. But once in a while, you get a case like this:

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A Really Empty ASP.NET MVC 3 Project Template

In the ASP.NET MVC 3 Uservoice site, one of the most voted up items is a suggestion to include an empty project template. No, a really empty project template.

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Recognition Compensation

Mary Poppendieck writes the following in Unjust Deserts (pdf), a paper on compensation systems (emphasis mine),

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Structuring Unit Tests

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In the past, I’ve tried various schemes to structure my unit tests but never fell into a consistent approach. Pretty much the only rule I had (which I broke all the time) was to write a test class for each class I tested. I would then fill that class with a ton of haphazard test methods.

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Why I Love New Year’s Eve

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Happy New Year’s Eve everyone! And by the time you read this, it’ll probably already be the new year. To my friends across the international date line, what is 2012 like? The rest of us will be there soon.

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OSS and .NET Year In Review 2011

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T’is the season for “Year in Review” and “Best of” blog posts. It’s a vain practice, to be sure. This is exactly why I’ve done it almost every year!

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Configure Git in PowerShell So You Don’t Have to Enter Your Password All the Damn Time

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My last post covered how to improve your Git experience on Windows using PowerShell, Posh-Git, and PsGet. However, a commenter reminded me that a lot of folks don’t know how to get Git for Windows in the first place.

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Better Git with PowerShell

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I’m usually not one to resort to puns in my blog titles, but I couldn’t resist. Git it? Git it? Sorry.

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Using QUnit with Razor Layouts

Given how central JavaScript is to many modern web applications,  it is important to use unit tests to drive the design and quality of that JavaScript. But I’ve noticed that there are a lot of developers that don’t know where to start.

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Hello GitHub!

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New Deployed!

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So my last day at Microsoft ended up being a very long one as the NuGet team worked late into the evening to deployan updated version of I’m very happy to be a part of this as my last act as a Microsoft employee. This is complete re-write of the gallery.

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Last Day at Microsoft

Well, as I wrote before, today is my last day at Microsoft. Last night we had our office Holiday party in the observation deck and lounge of the Space Needle. The party was just fantastic and we were lucky to have a nice clear evening with spectacular views. What a great way to go!

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It’s not every day you write this sort of blog post. And you hope it’s not something you do so often that you ever get good at it. I’m certainly sucking up a storm here.

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