Next week Microsoft hosts its annual MVP Summit. So what better time for me to host my first GitHub Drinkup – MVP Edition at the Tap House Grill!

Not an MVP? Nonsense! You are in my book, so show up! If you are an MVP, you’re still welcome to slum it with the rest of us schlubs.


All the details are posted over at the GitHub Blog post.

What is a “Drinkup” you ask?

It’s pretty simple. It’s a meetup where we drink and share stories of valor in the face of code complexity. Or jabber on about whatever else software developers want to geek out about.

Getting together and sharing a brew or two is deeply ingrained in the GitHub culture. After all, GitHub was conceived over a beer at a bar.

If you’re not in the Seattle/Bellevue area, GitHub hosts a monthly (more or less) drinkup in San Francisco where the GitHub HQ is located. We also host the occasional drinkup all over the world when we attend conferences in various locations.

So come on out, unwind, and let me buy you a beer. Perhaps this drinkup will be the one where you’ll meet your next cofounder. At the very least, you’ll enjoy some good drink and good conversation.

.NET Startup Group March 8

And if you can’t come out on Tuesday, I’ll also be speaking at the .NET Startup group on March 8 on GitHub, Git and making it all work on Windows. I might throw in a dash of NuGet in there since I can’t help myself. There’s still plenty of seats available.