XHTML Friends Network

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A while ago, I posted an entry imagining the next generation of Rss Aggregators and blogging engines that would in effect, create a better social network than Frienster, Tribe, etc…

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Harsh California Weather

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I received this email from a coworker. It makes you stop and think, doesn’t it?

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Air travel

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Before flying the friendly skies, you need to read this. Hilarious! Neopoleon.com

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Log Parser

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I wish I had this a while ago. Log Parser allows you to run SQL like queries against your IIS log files. Check it out here.

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Styling Rss entries in an Aggregator

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I’m working on a project to add beauty back to the blogging experience, even when read by an Rss Aggregator.

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SQL TIP: Auto Increment in an UPDATE statement.

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I needed to create a temp table in SQL with a column that contained an incrementing integer, without making that column an identity.

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Commercial ASP.NET Controls

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Has anyone out there used any of these ASP.NET component packages (such as Infragistics or Component One? I’m looking for reviews.

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An Amendment To Save Marriages

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Bush believes that an amendment is necessary to bring “clarity” to the issue of gay marriage and to preserve the social fabric of our great nation.

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We went on a triple date last night with Walt, Celine, Dan, and Judy to eat at Jiraffe. They are having some sort of Monday prefixe special. Unfortunately, a lot of French food has egg product in it to give it an added richness, which makes it difficult for my wife. I, on the other hand, had no problem with any of the food. Especially the Fois Gras. Very rich and tasty!

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TIP: More on Exceptions and Serialization

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I just left to do some thinking where I get my best thinking done. While washing my hands, I realized I should mention a few issues with my previous recommendation.

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Just had lunch with Erik and Ben at Manpuku. If you’ve never been, Manpuku is on Sawtelle just north of Olympic in the strip mall where Hurry Curry is. If none of that made sense to you, then you probably don’t live in L.A. ;)

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TIP: Decorate Custom Exception Classes With the Serializable Attribute

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When writing a custom Exception class, don’t forget to mark the class as Serializable? Why? If the exception is ever used in a remoting context, exceptions on the server are serialized and remoted back to the client proxy. The proxy then throws the exception on the client. By default, .NET types are not serializable. But by adding a simple Serializable attribute decoration on your class, .NET is able to serialize your exception.

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Weekend Update

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Let’s see. On Friday we went to see a sneak preview of Starsky and Hutch. If you liked Zoolander, I think you’ll like this. It’s not the same, but has similar type of humor. It’s hard to approach Zoolander in my book, but Starksy and Hutch does well.

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Talk About Awkward Moments

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This is probably the funniest thing I’ve ever heard happening on a train:

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Updated version of the RssBandit documentation

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UPDATE: Whoops! I should have read the SLA for my free hosting provider more carefully. There’s a size limit to the files I may post on my ftp server. I will work to rectify this situation by finding a new FTP site. In the meantime, email me and I will send you the documents referenced below.

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Fraud Detection and Prevention

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My latest task is to produce reports useful for fraud detection. We’ve recently had incidents in which users from Vietnam opened up several accounts via stolen credit cards, deposited money via Paypal, then commit a charge back.

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Asp.NET forums provide RSS Feeds

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Wow. All this time, I̵ve tried to follow various Asp.Net Forums, only now to discover that each forum is syndicated via RSS! Nice!

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Practice safe DateTime manipulation

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What is the proper way to add three hours to a DateTime for the PST timezone? Is it this?

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Better Social Networking through Blogistry

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agentLately it seems that everybody is playing “six-degrees of separation” by sprouting a social networking service. Some of the most prominent are Friendster.com, Tribe.com, MySpace.com, and Google’s Orkut. The promise these services make is that by joining, you’ll be where all your friends are and in the process make new friends and business contacts, though in reality they tend to look like glorified dating services. Look around the blogosphere and you’ll find several opinions concerning the problems and weaknesses of these services. For example, Dare’s take on social networking services, Warren Ellis’s evaluation of Orkut, and Don Park’s suggestion for improving existing services. Robert Scoble, a popular blogger, points out in this blog entry, that none of these networks interoperate. A person ends up entering his data into each site over and over again.

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Snowboarding weekend

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SnowboardingYesterday Akumi, Laura, Judy, and I drove to Mountain High (not a reference to smoking out) for a day of snowboarding. This would be my second time snowboarding since the big Conversion from skiing. Right now, I would rate myself as an intermediate snowboarder and advanced intermediate skiier.

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