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I’m looking to host my site and I’m ready to pay money!!! Does anyone have any recommendations? Right now, my top choices are WebHost4Life which has unlimited bandwidth, $9.95 a month, 150 MB disk space and 150 MB SQL Server space, with a $19.95 setup fee.

A cheaper option is hostdepartment.com with no setup fee, $9.95 a month, and 500 MB disk space, but only 10GB of monthly transfer. I think 10GB should be more than enough, but I’ve never heard of this company before.

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    Adam Kinney March 31st, 2004

    +1 WebHost4Life

  2. Avatar for Dj
    Dj January 14th, 2007
  3. Avatar for emotionchassepeche
    emotionchassepeche May 17th, 2008

    Hi Phil,
    and so... where is your Web Hosting now ?
    This weekend I have receive a notice email
    about a too large CPU usage... doh !
    So, I'm searching for a new place...
    Do you have a recommendation for me ?