Wanted: CS Know-it-all

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Poker ChipsRory at Neopoleon.com has an interesting proposition for would-be Computer Science mentors. Basically, he’s willing to pay for one-on-one tutoring in CS concepts over the web.

It’s an interesting idea if it works. In fact, it inspires me because I could use some tutoring myself, though my goal is not as lofty. Are there any experts out there at Poker, specifically Texas Hold’em?

I lost a wee bit o’ money this weekend and could use a refresher on how to play well. ;)

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    Koba March 30th, 2004

    You might as well just get out there and play more with people that are better (or worse) than you. If you lose, consider it a "learning fee." You can't lose any more than you put in the middle.