A new drink

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I tried a new drink this weekend. It’s called an Irish Car Bomb. It’s a half glass of Guiness with a shot of Baileys and Irish Whiskey in a shot glass on the side. You take the shot glass, drop it in the Guinness, and then quickly down the whole concoction before it coagulates.

It almost has slight chocolatey taste and is very creamy and smooth. It was a nice alcoholic explosion before seeing Margaret Cho in concert.

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  1. Avatar for scott
    scott April 4th, 2004

    I live down the street from a great irish pub - we went there one night and each had about 4 car bombs [in addition to other assorted beers]. I had a hard time walking home, but what an awesome drink!

  2. Avatar for healy
    healy July 12th, 2008

    the drink you are describing is an irish milk shake( the chocolately taste) an irish car bomb is just guiness and irish whiskey