How I Pimped My Desktop

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So I spend my time writing up a hopefully useful guide to Subversion on SourceForge and all this one reader from Spain (¡hola!) wants to know is where I got my theme from?

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Quickstart Guide to Subversion on SourceForge

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Good news! SourceForge now supports using Subversion for source control!

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Collaborative Filtering For Your Musical Tastes That Works

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Save Your Visual Studio 2003 Settings

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Steve Harman points out some registry keys and directories to backup if you wish to re-use your Visual Studio 2003 settings on a fresh installation. For those of you who are lucky enough to fully abandon 2003, you have the benefit that Visual Studio 2005 fully supports importing and exporting settings.

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What Every Developer Should Know About Source Control

If you are like me, you “learned” source control in a very informal manner. Perhaps you learned via what we used to call the “Commodore Shuffle” back in the day (what is the modern term for this?) in which you clicked around and figured it out by trying to use it.

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Personal UPS System Recommendations

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Power mast Just had a short power outtage at home, which sucks because I work here. I was taking a short break downstairs reading when the lights suddenly turned off. I had that feeling that must go through the head of the lone security guy just before Sidney Bristow busts his head with her fist.

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Ready To Mix It Up

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Mix 06 Well I am ready to mix it up at the Mix 06 conference. This will be my first conference of the year and my coworker Jon Galloway will also be in attendance.

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Better Developers Through Diversity

The local newspaper sports a comic strip that enjoys every opportunity to mock the modern university’s emphasis on diversity. The strip holds diversity accountable for lowered standards and educational quality. However it ignores the danger of a lack of diversity, namely that a student might not be exposed to new ideas that challenge pre-existing assumptions that would improve the student’s overall education.

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Get The Most Out Of Your Format String

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I was reviewing some code when I ran into code that fit this pattern all over the place (simplified to make a point).

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Valentine Is The Day For No Good Low Down Dirty Cheaters To Get Caught

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Candy Hearts Read this interesting post by security expert Bruce Schneier on how Valentine’s day is the day when cheating spouses are most likely to trip up.

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The Missing Detail of of New Human Machine Interfaces

Multi-Touch UI By now just about everybody is ooh-ing and aww-ing over this demonstration video showing multiple users on a single touch and pressure sensitive graphical user interface.

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Prevent Windows Update Automated Reboots

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Jon Galloway has a useful post on how to prevent windows from automatically rebooting your machine during automatic updates. Useful information if you like to keep programs running.

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Playing Soccer Against Former National Team Players

Soccer Ball I’ve joined a group of soccer players attempting to form a team to get into a 30 and over league that hosts games on much nicer fields. These are the fields with that really nice high quality artificial turf, a huge difference over the pock-marked dirt/grass fields of my current league. The play in this league is also at a much higher level than my current league and they are very particular about which teams they let in. They judge teams on ability, sportsmanship, and organization.

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On Religious Wars in Software

Toy Soldier With Bazooka No, this isn’t a revisionist history account attempting to insert the role of software in the Crusades. Today we take a look at Religious Wars in software. Sometimes also referred to as “Flame Wars” and “Holy Wars”.

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Face Recognition That Is Just Wrong On So Many Levels

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So after reading this post by Scott Hanselman, I just had to try it out. He writes about a site called MyHeritage that attempts to match your face to celebrities and relatives.

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Make Sure Your Cache Takes Into Localization

Recently I added some seemingly innocent code to Subtext within the Application_BeginRequest method of Global.asax.cs that I adapted from this blog post by Darren Neimke. The purpose of the code is to provide culture aware formatting of dates, times, and numbers specific to the user reading the blog.

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Adding Web User Control To A Class Library In VS.NET 2005

If you’ve started on module development with DotNetNuke 4.0 and above in Visual Studio.NET 2005, you might run into a problem with trying to add a Web User Control (*.ascx file) to a class library.

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Database Maintenance Of Your Blog

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Lately I have been spending a little bit of time performing maintenance tasks on my blog’s SQL Server. I noticed that OdeToCode’s Scott Allen was in the same mood.

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Blog 1099

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I got a 1099 for my blog yesterday. Now that is a weird feeling. Google giveth, the federal government taketh away.

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The Troll Cap

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Troll Cap I love this idea from 37 Signals in handling abusive comments. Rather than simply deleting them, they will take the approach of shaming the abusers with a Troll Cap. Though it is doubtful that those who troll will really feel much shame, at least it serves an educational purpose of teaching others what is considered trolling behavior.

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