Subtext 1.0 Nautilus Edition Released

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Subtext Logo Well it took a bit longer than I thought it would, but we’ve finally put the final touches to Subtext 1.0, code named “Nautilus”! One of the primary goals of this release was to make it much easier to setup and use than .TEXT, and I think we’ve accomplished that.

[Download it here]


It is a LOT of work delivering an open source product, especially given that all this work is done in our spare time. A big thanks goes out to all the contributors: those who submitted code as well as those who contributed ideas and encouragement (especially my wife who has been very understanding of my code obsession and made me a fantastic cup of tea last night as I tried to finalize the release). All of it is helpful and appreciated.

In particular I want to give much credit to the team who have put in a lot of effort lately to get this ready. Robb, I am ready for that homebrewed beer!

I also want to highlight TurboMilk, the creative folks who designed our logo.


Check out the installation guide on our project site for a walkthrough of the installation. There are also a couple screen casts if you are the more visual type.

New Features

There are many small improvements both under the hood and in the UI. Here are some of the highlights…

  • Web Based Installer - Installs the database schema and stored procedures.
  • BlogML Support - Import and export your blog data to and from other blogs that support this new standard.
  • .TEXT 0.95 Import Wizard - This is a direct database to database import.
  • Host Admin Tool - Use this to manage multiple blogs
  • Improved multi-blog support. Read the configuration docs for more details.
  • Improved Documentation - We’ve gone out of our way to improve documentation as much as possible.
  • Logging Console - The first iteration of this console displays error messages in the admin section. You can update the Log4Net.config file to change logging levels.

Interface Improvements

These were designed to spiff up the look of Subtext and remove some of the headaches in .TEXT

  • New Skins - We added some spiffy new skins for your blog delight.
  • Recent Comments Skin Control - Display recent comments on your blog (requires editing a skin if it doesn’t have the control already).
  • Multiple Comment Deletion - Rather than deleting comments one at a time, check them off and delete them in bulk.
  • Single Web.config file - There’s only one web.config file to worry about.
  • Comments disabled after N days - Where N is an integer of your chosing zero or larger.
  • Comments throttling - Specify a delay between comments as well as filter out exact duplicates. This is good for those repetitive spam bot attacks.
  • Edit Link Control - when logged in as an admin, an edit link appears next to post titles (requires editing a skin if it doesn’t have the control already).

Under the hood

This is for you developers out there. Holla!

  • Unit Tests - We added a bunch of unit tests (using MbUnit) to the codebase. We are by no means where we want to be regarding code coverage, but it is a step in the right direction.
  • NDoc - We included an NDoc file and compiled help file of the code base.
  • FxCop - We have way too many FxCop violations, but at least we know we do via our FxCop project file.
  • NAnt Build File - Build the entire solution from the command line. Choosing the “doc” target builds a compiled help file.
  • RFC3229 Delta Encoding - Potentially saves on bandwidth once clients start implementing their side of the protocol.
  • RSS GZIP Compression - Compress that baby.
  • Fixed MetaBlogAPI - Fixed a few bugs with the MetaBlogAPI implementation. You can now edit blog posts via w.Bloggar.

What’s Next?

The next version of Subtext code-named “Daedelus” will focus on delivering a Plugin framework along with a few plugins. That will be the key deliverable. You can view the Roadmap to see other planned features, but be aware that we may revise this list soon in order to keep the next release tightly focused. Deliver early and often I always say.

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  1. Avatar for Jon Galloway
    Jon Galloway March 2nd, 2006


  2. Avatar for Joe Brinkman
    Joe Brinkman March 2nd, 2006

    Congrats Phil. I know that OS can be challenging at times, but I find it to also be very rewarding.

  3. Avatar for Haacked
    Haacked March 2nd, 2006

    Thanks fellas. Yeah, it is a big challenge, and a lot of work too!

    Now I need to find some time to upgrade my blog to the latest build. I'm on an interim build with a known bug.

  4. Avatar for Oubliette
    Oubliette March 2nd, 2006

    I am looking forward to the release of SubText.

  5. Avatar for Steve Harman
    Steve Harman March 2nd, 2006

    First Download!

    Just a little /. humor for you... but seriously, I've already downloaded (1st to do so as far as the download tracker is concerned). :)

  6. Avatar for Haacked
    Haacked March 2nd, 2006

    The tracker must be wrong, I downloaded it to test it before I announced the release. ;)

  7. Avatar for Scott Williams
    Scott Williams March 2nd, 2006

    Awesome! I'll be downloading this. What issues should I be aware of if I'm using a build that's several months old? I tried downloading the CVS source a couple weeks ago, and got an exception immediately, didn't really feel like debugging, and just reverted to my old build.

    Thanks again!

  8. Avatar for jayson knight
    jayson knight March 2nd, 2006

    Steve, you're so not 1337, shouldn't that be fr!st?

    Congrats Phil (and everyone else as well)...I thought Outlook was going to blow up with the number of sourceforge emails that have been flying around the past couple of days.

    I just noticed, 7 comments on this post in < 3 hours? You guys are all phil junkies!

  9. Avatar for Josh
    Josh March 2nd, 2006

    Great news! Congratulations on the release. I'm looking forward to downloading it and trying it out.

  10. Avatar for Haacked
    Haacked March 2nd, 2006

    If you've deployed an interim build of Subtext, then deploying the new build is a bit tricky as there may have been schema changes.

    My recommendation is to use SQL Compare to compare the schemas.

    If you are still runing .TEXT, then simply install Subtext following the installation guide. You'll get to the point where you can select your .TEXT database to import from.

  11. Avatar for Ryan Farley
    Ryan Farley March 2nd, 2006

    Awesome Phil! I look forward to migrating my blogs to Subtext!

    Thanks for all your hard work (and the rest of the team).


  12. Avatar for Haacked
    Haacked March 2nd, 2006

    This is a test of live comment preview. Since we now allow simple HTML, the comment preview needs to be updated. So there's bug #1.

  13. Avatar for Scott Hanselman
    Scott Hanselman March 2nd, 2006


  14. Avatar for Scott Hanselman
    Scott Hanselman March 2nd, 2006

    Hm...that HTML didn't an HTTP 400

  15. Avatar for Dimitri Glazkov
    Dimitri Glazkov March 2nd, 2006

    *arrives late to the party*
    Woohoo! Yeah! Booyah!

  16. Avatar for Steve Harman
    Steve Harman March 2nd, 2006

    So, I spoke too soon. Thanks for pointing out my ignorance/non-l33tness Phil & Jayson. :)

  17. Avatar for Wessam Zeidan
    Wessam Zeidan March 3rd, 2006

    Congrats Phil, great work.
    I downloaded it and set it up. Installation was way too easy, but it looks like some images are missing. Also when I tried to add a new post, I got the following error
    Post operation failed. The error message related to this problem was as follows: Could not find file "c:\subtextblog\emoticons.txt".
    I added an empty emoticons.txt empty text file to the root folder, and every thing worked fine.

  18. Avatar for Haacked
    Haacked March 4th, 2006

    Thanks for the report Wessam! Check out the recent post on my blog. I have the emoticons file there. I also updated the distribution on SourceForge.

  19. Avatar for David Hayden [MVP C#]
    David Hayden [MVP C#] March 5th, 2006

    A number of things going on this past week, but sadly this will be one of&nbsp;my few posts with no code...

  20. Avatar for .Net Adventures
    .Net Adventures March 6th, 2006

    Congrats!!! So it's time to think about migrating to new blog platform called Subtext.

  21. Avatar for John Meyer
    John Meyer March 7th, 2006

    Looks like a great solution for multi-blogs. Do you know if it works with MSSQL 2005 or does it have to be 2000? I received error "The WebResource.axd handler must be registered in the configuration to process this request." at the point where the DB is initialized (and couldn't find anywhere more appropriate to ask). I'd like to convert if I can get SubText working.

  22. Avatar for Haacked
    Haacked March 8th, 2006

    Unfortunately, we don't currently run on .NET 2.0 nor do we support SQL 2005. That's something we're looking at for our next or next-next version.

  23. Avatar for John Meyer
    John Meyer March 8th, 2006

    OK thanks, maybe I can downgrade my server until then, with my current solution (dasBlog)storing all the data in XML files was bad enough with one blog but needing to duplicate everything for a second blog is not what I consider an acceptible solution... I know the .NET stuff is backwards compatible, but alas the MSSQL isn't :(

  24. Avatar for Jon Hebert
    Jon Hebert March 9th, 2006

    Great job, man. I know through talking with others that you've been working on this for a while. Congrats!

  25. Avatar for Vikram Pant
    Vikram Pant March 19th, 2006

    Must say this was an easy install... I was looking for an ASP.NET / SQL Svr based blog tool and found .Text. Spent a few days tinkering with it till I stumbled onto this project... Great job!

  26. Avatar for Erik
    Erik March 26th, 2006

    I 'bout went mad with anticipation as I waited until after finals to test and deploy - I anticipated a rocky upgrade. I shouldn't have waited! Kudos to you guys for the amazing release! I love the new features, but best of all... The instalation/upgrade just worked. Including time to download the release, it took me only about ten minutes to completely upgrade my blog. A far cry from the install hell of .Text 0.95 which took me days to get working properly.
    Oh, FYI: SubText works beautifully with SQL Server 2005 as it's database! I've only tested it in the single-blog configuration, but it works great on both 2005 Express Edition and Standard - assuming you can feed the beast, SQL 2005 is quite the RAM hog! It *should* wolrk nicely under 2.0 as it is supposed to be backwards compatable, but I haven't tested that yet. That's on the list right after finding a replacement for the long-in-the-tooth nGallery. Any suggestions?

  27. Avatar for It's my life... And I live it.
    It's my life... And I live it. March 29th, 2006

    Another branch of .TEXT has been recently released. Subtext

    seems very nice and simple blogging...

  28. Avatar for Pedro Rainho
    Pedro Rainho April 27th, 2006

    Hello i have install subtext and i have a big problem and i don't know what to do... the problem is this. If i have configured only one blog the agregation page works great but if have multiple blogs the agregation page give some erros. when i click on rss or atom link the error is this : Ticks must be between DateTime.MinValue.Ticks and DateTime.MaxValue.Ticks. Parameter name: ticks. When i click to give me all entrys of a day it give me the error: Procedure 'subtext_GetSingleDay' expects parameter '@BlogId', which was not supplied... do i need to do any thing to support multiple blogs????? i realy need some help... one mor thing i have download de install and source and both have the same problem.

  29. Avatar for Pedro Rainho
    Pedro Rainho April 27th, 2006

    then i download the latest source control version and the same problem continues :P... can any one help me....

  30. Avatar for Rydal
    Rydal May 4th, 2006

    How about upgrading, any guides? Good work!

  31. Avatar for Michele
    Michele May 10th, 2006

    Really a great job indeed!!

  32. Avatar for Sara
    Sara May 25th, 2006

    This looks great. I look forward to trying it on my next blog!

  33. Avatar for Kit
    Kit July 9th, 2006

    "Unfortunately, we don't currently run on .NET 2.0 nor do we support SQL 2005. That's something we're looking at for our next or next-next version
    This is a shame, but it decides the matter for me; guess it's Das Blog for now. and Sql Sever have moved on. Time to get with the program guys?

  34. Avatar for Haacked
    Haacked July 9th, 2006

    Kit, the latest version of Subtext (in our Subversion Repository) does run on ASP.NET 2.0. We are working towards a 2.0 release soon.

  35. Avatar for February 15th, 2007

    Software Versioning vs. Naming