The Shoe Cobblers Kids

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Shoeless An old saying I’ve been using a lot lately is the old saw “A shoe cobbler’s kids go shoeless”. Basically, it points out how difficult it is to keep one’s own affairs in order when it is one’s job to do so for others. As an example, my company is in the business of building fantastic technology solutions, but our own website is rather neglected. This is something we see as a real problem and will address soon.

In truth, falling into this trap is understandable, but a bad idea. What better advertising for the shoe cobbler than to have his kids in fantastic shoes? But the fact that there is even a saying about this reflects just how common this is. When starting a business, your first priority in the early stages is to get the cash flow going and make sure your customers are happy and well fed. Only then can you take the necessary chunk time to really focus ony our own needs. But until then, you shouldn’t totally neglect yourself. You wouldn’t want to hurt future growth for near term gains.

The point of all this is that I have updated my blog to the latest release. I was running an older internal build of Subtext for a while which had a couple bugs that would make themselves evident. The last thing I wanted is for someone to see the announcement on my site, notice the bug, and make a judgement based on that.

The noticeable difference is that there is now a comment preview feature as well as a recent comments display on the right. I’ll probably be tweaking my skin in the near future adding a few fun goodies.

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  1. Avatar for Joe Brinkman
    Joe Brinkman March 2nd, 2006

    Actually, on the DotNetNuke team we have found that dogfooding the release on our own site before releasing it to the public helps to improve quality. There is nothing like a live site with all its legacy data to tell you if you missed something. And when you have a site that is popular it also gives a nice little stress test along the way. So I say, use it for yourself first and if the shoe fits ok, then release it to the world.

  2. Avatar for Haacked
    Haacked March 2nd, 2006

    Yeah, I'm a firm believer of dogfooding. I pretty much deployed every minor interim release to my personal blog. But for the last push, I wanted to focus on getting it ready because there were a couple schema changes and I didn't feel like breaking my site at the moment.
    But yes, dogfooding is good, ummkay?

  3. Avatar for Walt
    Walt March 2nd, 2006

    Interesting that the (mostly) non-commercial gets plenty of attention while the commercial VelocIT website is neglected. One must be a lot more fun than the other.

  4. Avatar for JonGalloway.ToString()
    JonGalloway.ToString() July 12th, 2006

    No, I don't buy into The Construction Metaphor A few times a year, someone will write about howsoftware

  5. Avatar for Dan
    Dan July 12th, 2007
    the noticeable difference is that there is now a comment preview feature ... I’ll probably be tweaking my skin in the near future...

    I notice that the current skin ("it only took 4 hours") does NOT have live comment preview... In spite of the three simple steps- I can't get it to work on any skin that doesn't already ship with live comment preview *rats*

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