Soccer BallThis week, I’ve had the pleasure of being pummelled in soccer not once, but twice.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I have joined another more competitive soccer league. In that post, I mentioned that we tied one of the top teams. I was wrong.

Hearing that we tied this team, the team that did win the league last season wanted to schedule a match against us (it is pre-season right now). When we took the field, they had a short guy who we joked looked like Freddy Adu. The joke was on us as this “kid” had scored two goals against Brazil for Ghana in the U-17 world cup. This team also sports a former pro who used to make a million bucks a year in Spain.

They pretty much set us in our place, thoroughly dominating the game and scoring maybe seven or eight (we lost track) goals on us. Only our goalie knows the real number, and I told him I’d rather not know.

Fortunately, there is a new semi-pro league starting and some of their players will be moving up.

Today, in my other league, we played a Jamaican team known for smoking out on the sideline. Since our game was in the afternoon, we had hoped they would have been nice and toasted by then. Again, we were wrong.

With my team missing all three of our players who are capable of playing goalie, and not having any subs, we were destroyed as they scored six goals on us. The worst part is I convinced my wife to come watch and she know thinks she might be bad luck as both games she has witnessed we lost terribly. What a humiliating week of soccer.