UPDATE: Ok, this is totally my fault. I took a perfectly good NAnt script another developer wrote and tried to add a few things in there and made a dumb error. I should have a unit test for our NAnt script. ;) I’ll write up a post later describing the issue.

So I guess my fears of the release weren’t totally out of order. The first major bug report has come in. Fortunately it is an extremely easy fix.

The emoticons.txt file appears to be missing from the webroot in the distribution package. I looked at our codebase, and it is there. I run an NAnt script which automates creating a distribution package. I see the line where it is supposed to add the emoticons.txt file into the package, but it has decided that it would rather not. I need to dig into this.

In the meanwhile, I just updated the distribution in SourceForge. For those of you who already downloaded Subtext, please download and unzip this file into the root directory of your Subtext site.

For those of you about to download Subtext, SourceForge has the corrected version.