This past week was a particularly good week and weekend for me and my wife. First of all, I was happy to announce the release of Subtext with only a few minor hitches which is a great feeling.

Also during the week, my wife received a huge raise from her boss. In part this was a response to an impressive offer made by a large clothing company she was on “loan” to as a pattern maker. The fashion district in Los Angeles is known for being quite stingy with the employee pay, so this came as a bit of a surprise. Basically this means we can upgrade from Ramen to some pricier noodles for our three squares.

In truth, it means the risk we took in me taking a large paycut to start a company with Micah is largely mitigated. We can start putting money back into our savings.

Soccer Ball On the soccer front we finally had the opening game of the season for the competitive league I joined. Up until now, we’ve been playing a few pre-season practice games.

We opened up the season with a 2 to 0 win with a goal from yours truly. In the other league, we won 4 to 1 in a game where I flubbed two good chances. So I had exactly one day to relish and replay the goal in my head before it was completely replaced with the two I should have put in.

In any case, it was a much better soccer weekend than the previous weekend’s pummelling.

PS: The term “Haackayamas” is a term our friends use for me and my wife. It is a mashup of my last name and hers.