Unit Testing Data Access Code With The StubDataReader

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In spirit, this is a follow-up to my recent post on unit-testing email functionality.

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Memorial Day Mud Bath

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Mud BathMy wife received a free day at the Glen Ivy Hot Springs Spa from our friends Dan and Judy (the same Dan to whom my last non-geek post was dedicated).

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A Testing Mail Server For Unit Testing Email Functionality

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MailSo you are coding along riding that TDD high when you reach the point at which your code needs to send an email. What do you do now?

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This One Is For You Dan

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Last night we went out with friends to celebrate Akumi’s birthday. Somehow the topic of my blog came up in conversation. Perhaps I have a tendency to interject the topic of “blogging” every chance I get. I can be annoying that way.

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Words Typed With The Left Hand - Dvorak Style

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I noticed this odd post on SimpleBits, Dan Cederholm’s website. It is a list of words that he can easily type with his left hand. One has to ask for what reason he is keeping his right hand free? But I, being a man of good taste, won’t go there.

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Weekend In San Diego

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I don’t write much about my personal life here because most days are pretty mundane and not unlike other days I’ve had. If I were to write about my day, most entries would look like the following…

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Threaten To Quit And Be Rewarded - On Implicit Policies

Implied policies are policies that are never written in any employee manual, but are implied due to real world practices or are side effects of explicit policies. The classic example is when an employee gives notice to an employer and the employer counter-offers with a raise. In some cases, a raise that was refused earlier.

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If You Aren't Doing Anything Wrong, What Do You Have To Hide?

Security expert Bruce Schneier writes a fantastic essay on the value of privacy. This is a great response to the rhetorical question “If you aren’t doing anything wrong, what do you have to hide?” often used to counter privacy advocates.

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How Subtext Uses CruiseControl.NET

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Not too long ago I mentioned that the Subtext team is using CruiseControl.NET for continuous integration. Well Simone Chiaretta, the developer who set this up, wrote up an article describing Continuous Integration and the various utilities that Subtext uses in its CI process.

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DotNetNuke CSharp Web Application Project

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Role Playing Via Skype

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So Adam Kinney isn’t quite as ga-ga over Oblivion as I. Understandable. As he points out, it is missing the key ingredient of social interaction with other real humans.

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NullReferenceException When Deploying DotNetNuke Could Be An ObjectQualifier Discrepancy

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When starting a new DotNetNuke based website, I like to develop it on my local machine, and when everything is ready for a first deployment, I deploy to whatever staging or production server is relevant.

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Dealing with Comment Threads

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Seems like everyone and their mother has an opinion on the “right” way to have comment threads. Currently Subtext supports the same model as .TEXT did, a simple linear sequential list of comments. It is simple and gets the job done.

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Custom Partial Output Caching

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Steve Harman, a Subtext Developer, writes up a helpful description of how to use the varyByCustom parameter of the PartialCachingAttribute.

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It's All About The Party Mode!

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Party Mode Button It is so easy to get caught up in your day to day work and home duties and forget to take a break to really cut loose. The answer, my friends, is that big red button in the image to the left there. That there initiates Party Mode! Set this sucker up in your office or home bedroom, and whenever life catches up to you… Instant Party!

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Introduction To Microformats Article

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Lest you think I sit around spending all my time on computer games and soccer, I also try to write occasionally.

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Admitting Your Addiction Is The First Step

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I once thought I was a bit of a blogging addict. To get settled into work I would read my blogs. I’d tune back in while eating my lunch. And if I went on vacation, I thought about the huge number of unread feeds. Heck, I even went and got involved in RSS Bandit and Subtext so that I could work on the means of delivering blogs.

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Write Well To Win Friends And Influence People

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Pen I write this blog post with apologies to Dale Carnegie for the play on the title of his book.

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So You Want To Run A Business - Payroll Tax Breakdown

I recently set up Payroll via Paychex for my company. It is an eye opener to see exactly what taxes an employer pays on top of the taxes already deducted from each employee’s paycheck. I mean, I always heard that my employers were paying taxes for me when I was an employee, but I never knew how much. Till now.

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Three Screens Are Better Than Two

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Since I had a rough week last week, I thought I would post something fun today. While some people are just jumping on the dual-monitor bandwagon, I have recently moved on to three screens.

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