Now this is the ultimate in geekery. K. Scott Allen posts pickup lines in .NET.

Now is this really necessary? Don’t geeks have enough troubles with the ladies without these serious groaners to encourage them?

So naturally, I must respond with my own groaners. Warning, not safe for … well really anyone who enjoys humor that is actually humorous.

  • You can handle my event any time
  • What’s your sign? I’m unsigned and I do byte. Rowr.
  • I’d like to get Interlocked with you and see what increments.
  • Them hips must be newing up objects real fast because you are putting pressure on my heap.
  • The moment I saw you I nearly overflowed my stack.
  • Care to reference my private member?
  • You Auto-Complete Me.

Update: My favorite comment so far on these groaners comes from Sahil Malik over on Scott’s blog.

Creating .NET pickup lines are a bit like opening a strip bar in antartica. Who are you gonna use ’em on?

My response is that these are not for us geeks. It is for those who wish to land a geek.