My company has a small business account at Washington Mutual. I handle a lot of our banking via the online banking website. For several months now, their online banking website has been an absolute pain to use. After logging in I would be unable to access features that are kind of important such as…oh…I don’t know… the register and bill pay!

What was weird is that I would click on the link and would get some error message about calling technical support or an access denied message. But click on it again once (or 10 times) and it would finally work. Right now, the change password feature doesn?t appear to work.

Over time I would send messages to customer service and never get a satisfying response. Finally, Akumi offered to draft up a letter to the President of WAMU after one particularly frustrating bout with the site in which I was fuming.

Fast forward several days and I get a call from a representative who actually knows something about what is going on with the site and doesn’t blame me or my account. He is helpful and gives me his direct line. As he is walking me through some steps, I notice that some of the URLs end with .aspx. Oh, that is a promising sign!

I mention this to the rep because I never noticed it before. Most of the site runs on classic legacy ASP. The rep informs me that this weekend they have a planned upgrade to ASP.NET. That is definitely a step in the right direction!