UPDATE: Sorry, but this site appears to be down now. I’ll try to find the tools and upload them elsewhere.

My colleague Jon Galloway has been on a spree of unleashing useful tools lately. I released a few of my own as well.

One thing in common with these little tools and utilities is that we are hosting them on our new company tools site, http://tools.veloc-it.com/.

These tools are little scripts and apps that we use internally to increase our efficiency. Many of them relieve us from the drudgery of boring repetitive tasks. Quite likely, these are the tools that many of you would write yourself if you only had the time (some of them you probably already have written. I swear we did not plagiarize you). We hope you find them useful. There aren’t that many now, but over time we will add to the catalog.

You might be wondering, if these tools make us more efficient, potentially giving us a competitive advantage, why are we giving them away? Good question. I hadn’t thought of that. Jon! Take down the site!

Well the truth of the matter is that it is a way for us to show off how amazingly smart we are so we can get more clients, fame, and adulation.

Uhhh… Ok. Maybe not.

Let’s be realistic. Decision makers and CEOs are not dinking around the web looking for an Abstract Boilerplate HttpHandler.

Not only that, most of what we post here is not supremely innovative rocket science and going to make someone rich. If we had such a tool, you think I’d be blogging about software tools? No way man! I’d be regaling you with stories about the funny looking crab that walked up to the porch of my immense beach house in Hawaii. But I digress.

Part of the reason is certainly to increase exposure of our company, as I know we do some kick-butt work. Over time, we hope that our site will reflect the quality of the work we do for our clients. But our primary reason is the same reason we’ve been posting such tools even before there was a VelocIT. We enjoy helping other developers benefit from what we’ve learned. Likewise, we appreciate the tools and learning shared by other developers that have benefitted us. In the end, I think this sharing elevates the entire profession.