Subtext Logo The Subtext team is currently furiously working to prepare the Subtext 1.9 Daedelus release for your blogging enjoyment. Subtext 1.9 will run on ASP.NET 2.0 in Medium trust and contain a few new goodies, though those goodies have been kept to a minimum as the goal was to create a straight port to ASP.NET 2.0. The release date has not been set since my day job and another minor side project has been keeping me busy. My hope is to release somewhere around the first or second week of August.

In the meanwhile, we found the need to respond to some minor bugs in the last release. Thus today we release Subtext 1.5.2 which still runs on ASP.NET 1.1. This is a very minor release, so probably not necessary unless you are affected by one of the bugs listed below.

Probably the most annoying bug was one that caused problems when attempting to create a post using the web-based admin tool. This was due to a misconfiguration on my part of our ReverseDOS configuration file.

It was this misconfiguration that inspired my “stroke of pure genius” suggestion to the creator of ReverseDOS (though methinks he is a bit strong on the compliment). ;)

Here are the release notes.

Version 1.5.2 - Bugfix Release
- BUG:  [1492127] Fixed a constraint on the 
                  subtext_Config.BlogGroup in the import  
- BUG:  [1524172] The User Name Is Being Saved as the Title
- BUG:  [1502661] Change ReverseDOS.config - turn on  
                  isRegex="true" flag for
            Trusted Addresses.
- BUG:  [1514406] Fixed bug in which permissions were not 
                  applied to [Subtext_GetEntry_PreviousNext] stored 

Download it here.

The number of code contributions to Subtext has been increasing lately which is wonderful! Thanks for sticking with us and we really appreciate the contributions. Keep it up!