UPDATE: I long ago stopped supporting Captain Hook. This is a dead project.

CaptainHook I recently introduced an internal tool for writing Subversion Hooks that we developed for internal use at VelocIT. We made the source code and binaries available to the general public and there was enough interest (hey, it only takes two or three and I’m sold!) that we decided to make an Open Source project out of it hosted on SourceForge. This is our company’s first Open Source project and we hope many will find it useful.

I thought about using CodePlex to try it out, but in this particular case I figured it would be less of a pain to host it in a Subversion repository since this is a tool for Subversion users after all.

At a Glance

Mailing List
captainhook-devs at lists dot sourceforge dot net Commits Mailing List
captainhook-commits at lists dot sourceforge dot net Subversion Repository
https://svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/captainhook/trunk License

The mailing list might not be ready at the time you read this If you would like to have Subversion commit access, please join the mailing list and send an email to the list with your SourceForge username. Please only request access if you are planning to work on it in the next few months. I will probably cap it after some point just to keep the process sane (not that I am expecting a flood of requests, but you never know).

And of course CaptainHook is licensed as BSD. Any code contributions should have their copyright for the contribution assigned to VelocIT, the maintainer of the project (an informal email ackowledgement is sufficient). As I mentioned before, assigning copyright when contributing is a standard operating procedure and nothing insidious. You do not lose your own rights to use the code elsewhere since the code is licensed as BSD.