GetRecentPost Ignores Categories In Windows Live Writer

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It appears to me that Windows Live Writer completely ignores categories returned by the getRecentPosts Metaweblog API method.

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Devious Scam In Which The Check They Send You Clears

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There’s a really devious scam going around worth mentioning because of one compelling tactic the scammers use.

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Open Source Programming Language Zeitgeist

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When searching for source code in a particular language, what do the words being searched on tell you about that language?

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Why Are Developers So Fat?

Raymond Lewallen doesn’t mean to single anybody out, but in his latest post on the topic of living better, he observes that

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DotNetKicks Going Open Source

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Gavin Joyce, creator of DotNetKicks, has decided to open the source for the site and allow the community to help out in implemeting features and bug fixes.

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Identicon Handler For .NET On CodePlex

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Update: I’ve created a new NuGet Package for Identicon Handler (Package Id is “IdenticonHandler”) which will make it much easier to include this in your own projects.

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Double Check Locking and Other Premature Optimizations Can Shoot You In The Foot

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Lock After reading Scott Hanselman’s post on Managed Snobism which covers the snobbery some have against managed languages because they don’t “perform” well, I had to post the following rant in his comments:

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I Want This Shirt For My Son

It's Comments Like This That Keep Me Blogging

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It’s comments like this that remind me why I enjoy blogging.

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Increase Productivity With Search Driven Development

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Search Magnifying
Glass With all the advances in software development in the past few years, I would have to point to Google and Google Groups as the two tools that provide the biggest productivity enhancements for me as a software developer. This fact is probably nothing new to any of you.

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Gain Control Of Your Control State

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Some people think the ViewState is the spawn of the devil. Not one to be afraid of being in bed with the devil, I feel a tad bit less negative towards it, as it can be very useful.

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Quick CSS Optimization Tip

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When you see the following in your CSS

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Dashes Vs Underscores In URLs

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I used to think the choice of using dashes vs underscores to separate words in an URL was simply a matter of personal preference. Nothing more than a religious choice.

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Year of the Starving Pig?

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In January, I wrote that according to the Chinese Zodiac, this is the Year of the Golden Pig. According to foklore, this is a special event that occurs once every 600 years and brings great fortune to babies born during the year.

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Improve Your Blog's Reach With These 20 Essential Web Utilities

You’ve spent hours setting up your blog on your favorite blog platform just right. Good for you! So how do you maintain your blog so that it remains at the top of its game?

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Who Tests The Tests?

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Leon Bambrick (aka SecretGeek) has started a series on Agile methodologies and Test Driven Development (TDD) in which he brings up his own various hidden objections to TDD in order to see if his prejudices can be overcome.

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Custom Configuration Sections in 3 Easy Steps

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Are you tired of seeing your configuration settings as an endless list of key value pairs?

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Curb Your Enthusiasm Exonerates Wrongly Accused

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Curb your enthusiasm season 1
dvdJuan Catalan must be feeling “Pretty good. Pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty, good.” His poor luck seemed to exceed Larry Davidian proportions when he was accused of murder. But his luck took a turn for the better after over five months in Jail.

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Requirements and Specs Are Always Ambiguous

UPDATE: As an aside, it would probably be more accurate to say the FizzBuzz question is a Requirement. So where you read the term Spec, you can replace it with Requirement. Either way, the same thing applies. The only thing not ambiguous is the code. As they say, the code is the spec.

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Burning My Feeds

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UPDATE: You can now subscribe to my feed via email. This is a service offering from Feedburner. Sweet!

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