Doubling Down At Mix 07

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You’ve been HAAA CKED will be well represented at Mix 07 this year. I thoroughly enjoyed Mix 06 last year and think 07 has the potential to be even better.

Do not worry, I’m leaving the retina scorchingorange aloha shirtat home this time.

My only disappointment with Mix 07 so far is it doesn’t have quite the clever rhyme that Mix 06 did. My wife did a cheer for me as I left for last year’s the conference.

Mix! Oh-Six! Mix! Oh-Six! Mix! Oh Six!

“Mix! Oh-Seven!” doesn’t roll off the tonque quite in the same manner. No cheers from my wife this year.

There are many people I’m looking forward to hanging out with in attendance this year. I like to think that it was me who convinced Scott Hanselman to attend this year’s Mix conference. Jon Galloway, Jeff Atwood, and Rob Conery will all be there. It may take that many to drag me away from the craps table before I lose my future son’s college tuition.

I also think Steve (Lucky 21) Maine will be there (is that right Steve?). Last year he watched as the Craps dealers rolled their eyes when I only bought $40 worth of chips (it’s all I had) at a $10 table. I then proceeded to turn that into around $300, only to lose the bulk of that at BlackJack later. No more BlackJack after Craps!

I think Adam (Is it 9 or 10?) Kinney will also be in attendance. If you are planning to be there, let me know in the comments!

If you’re a Subtext user, feel free to swing by and tell me how much Subtext is a [godawful mess run by a retarded monkey and is possibly responsible for your pet’s death|wonderful piece of sublime software that enriches your life in a way you never thought a .NET blog engine could] (or any option in between).

If you’re not a Subtext user, tell me how much you’ve heard that Subtext is a [godawful mess run by a retarded monkey and is possibly responsible for your pet’s death|wonderful piece of sublime software that enriches your life in a way you never thought a .NET blog engine could]

And if I have time left over, I may just attend a few sessions. Seriously though, I really enjoyed many of the sessions last year. Funny how much you can still learn while hung-over and sleep deprived. I kid. I kid.

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  1. Avatar for Otto
    Otto March 27th, 2007

    I'll be attending and I'm starting to get pretty excited as the date grows closer.

  2. Avatar for Andy Stopford
    Andy Stopford March 27th, 2007

    You will be glad to know you will be spared this year from me boring you to death about MbUnit ;-)
    Maybe next year for me :(

  3. Avatar for Haacked
    Haacked March 27th, 2007

    Bummer man! I was looking forward to being bored about MbUnit! ;)

  4. Avatar for Robbie
    Robbie March 27th, 2007

    I feel the pain of the orange shirt (our boss makes us *all* wear aloha shirts)

  5. Avatar for Brandon K.
    Brandon K. March 27th, 2007

    Damn weddings making it so I would have to take off way to much time to go to Mix. BTW you can never go wrong with a good Aloha shirt no matter what color it is.

  6. Avatar for Not telling
    Not telling March 29th, 2007

    I wish you three would stop name dropping each other (Scott, Jeff and Phil). It's very sad.

  7. Avatar for Haacked
    Haacked March 29th, 2007

    Name dropping implies that these are actually noteworthy people, and by associating myself with them, I am attempting to elevate my own status.
    But quite the contrary, I risk sullying my own name by association. They just happen to be friends and I can't just *not* mention them. Can I?

  8. Avatar for Jeff Atwood
    Jeff Atwood March 29th, 2007

    It isn't name-dropping if these people are your friends.. is it?

  9. Avatar for Scott
    Scott March 29th, 2007

    re: name dropping.
    Yeah, and what's with you always mentioning the world renowned SubText project.
    Next you'll try to tell us you actually know Sho-Nuff.

  10. Avatar for Adam Kinney
    Adam Kinney March 29th, 2007

    Glad you're going to make it :) See ya there!

  11. Avatar for Eric Kemp
    Eric Kemp March 29th, 2007

    Looking forward to thanking you for SubText in person... See you at the Venetian!

  12. Avatar for Haacked
    Haacked March 30th, 2007

    Cool! See you there too.