ASP.NET Tip - Use The Label Control Correctly

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Scott Watermasysk has a great set of Quick Tips for ASP.NET on his blog. And this is only part one! I’m Looking forward to seeing the subsequent posts of this series.

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Catch Me On Univision

Logo In Decemember I wrote about a great soccer camp I attended. Well one of the other attendees is a Sports Anchor at Univision and had a camera man in tow taking footage during the camp.

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XSD Schema Files For VS.NET

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I’m posting this more as a reminder for myself. Where exactly are you supposed to place XSD files to give you intellisense for XML files in Visual Studio.NET?

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Visiting Seattle Next Week

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SeattleThe wife and I are headed up to Seattle for President’s day weekend to visit some friends.

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New Subtext Release and Notes On Subtext 2.0

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Steve Harman just announced the release of Subtext version 1.9.4 Windward Edition. This one comes with a lot of bug fixes, so be sure to upgrade.

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XFN Link Tool For Windows Live Writer

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UPDATE: How could I have overlooked the Plugin Keyvan Nayyeri wrote two months ago. Sorry buddy!

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Sorry For The Apparent Reposts

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My feed looks like several items were reposted. This is due to a bug in Subtext when editing an existing post using Windows Live Writer. In any case, we’ll have a fix available in the next release of Subtext soon.

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Apparently I Can't Confirm My Own Employment

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I received a call from a nice lady asking to speak to someone who could confirm an employment at VelocIT.

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Our CEO Discovers Second Life

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IBM Second Life Offices - From Dylan, co-founder and CEO of VelocIT (you know, the place I work for my day job), has recently discovered Second Crack Life. He’s been hanging out with some big wig at IBM in charge of open source and open standards. And you know how I loves me that open source.

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Night At The Roxbury With Mr. Subsonic

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ConeryOn Tuesday night I met Rob Conery, aka Mr. Subsonic, aka Mr. Commerce Starter Kit. The man is shifty and goes by many aliases. He was in town visiting family and was able to pull away for a night to kick it.

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Better Programming By Programming Better

Jeff Atwood writes a great post on how to become a better programmer by not programming. For the most part, I totally agree with his premise that to become a better programmer, you need to…

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Route Around The Default Gateway On The Remote Network

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Steve Harman digs in and solves a longtime mystery for me regarding VPN connections and default gateways on remote networks.

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On Hiring Bloggers and Open Source Developers

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DownIf you’ve read my blog for any length of time, you know I tend to go on and on about the virtues of blogging and participating in Open Source projects.

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Banned From Slashdot

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This is amusing. I tried to view a post on Slashdot and got the following error page.

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Another Day, Another Trip Around The Sun

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Image of the sun from Today I turn 32 years old.

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Identicons as Graphical Digital Fingerprints

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**Fingerprint via public domain clipart How do you uniquely identify a person, without divulging the identity of that person? **For example, given a set of personal artifacts, how would I arrange the set of artifacts grouped by the person to which they belonged?

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Easy To Deploy Identicon Handler

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Yesterday I mentioned that Jeff Atwood and Jon Galloway wrote an Identicon implementation for .NET. It works beautifully, but they distributed the code as a Web Site Project, which I cannot deploy to my blog as is.

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Windows Developer Tools Day

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Windows Developer Power Tools Cover From In order to promote the book Windows Developer Power Tools: Turbocharge Windows Development with More Than 140 Free and Open Source Tools, O’Reilly is declaring January 19^th^ (aka today) to be “Windows Developer Tools Day”.

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6 Software Tips For Hardware Makers

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Photo of a
DrillWe often hear that the current state of software development is still dysfunctional. Scott Rosenberg recently wrote a book to that effect called Dreaming In Code. He takes takes a look at the question Why is software so hard? According to Scott, Software developement’s history is marred by poor quality, missed deadlines, and cost overruns, primarily due to a persistent dysfunctional culture.

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This Just In - Beckham To Play For Los Angeles

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BeckhamLooks like Beckham is moving to La La Land. Sure, he is no longer on the English national team, nor does he start for Real Madrid, but I bet he’s still got some good playing days in those legs, and will definitely be a huge lift for the level of play in the MLS, or at least for the struggling Galaxy.

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