UPDATE: You can now subscribe to my feed via email. This is a service offering from Feedburner. Sweet!

Flame from
Feedburner.comI’ve decided to make the jump and switch to Feedburner after the glowing recommendation from Jeff Atwood. However, being the paranoid sort, I decided to go ahead and pay for the MyBrand PRO feature.

This allows me to keep control over my feed by serving it from my own domain http://feeds.haacked.com/haacked/. Not that I don’t trust FeedBurner, but if I ever want to take my feed back in-house, it’ll be a lot easier for me to change a DNS setting than to wait for them to perform a 301 redirect back to me.

If you’re reading this in your aggregator, my guess is that everything is working fine. If not, please do let me know if you encounter any problems. Flame on!