SeattleThe wife and I are headed up to Seattle for President’s day weekend to visit some friends.

Yeah, I know. Why Seattle At This Time Of Year!?

Well with her being all preggers and all we didn’t want to go somewhere too distant (like Tahiti). Not only that, a little cold weather might be a nice change of pace. I mean you can only take so many consecutive days of blue skies and sunshine.

I’ll also be swinging by the Microsoft Campuson Tuesday to have lunch with my compadres Adam Kinney and Erik Porter. My hope is to grovel and beg for them to sneak me through the back door of Mix

  1. It probably won’t work, but I gotta give it a try, no?

I plan to show up a little earlier to see another old friend from college who works at Microsoft and, believe it or not, is not a developer! She’s in Finance doing something or other.

Hopefully I’ll run into some other Microsoftie characters I know!