CSS Control Adapters Double PostBack Issue

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My Coworker (and Subtext co-admin) Steve Harman writes about a weird double PostBack issue he ran into recently when using CSS Friendly Control Adapters with the CreateUserWizard Membership Provider control.

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Vista Gadget To Monitor Your Build

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Simone Chiaretta, a member of the Subtext team (not to mention many other projects), just released a Vista Gadget which allows you to monitor a CruiseControl.NET build within your sidebar.

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A Strange Parking Ticket

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I received a strange delinquency notice for a parking ticket. At first glance, it seemed normal enough. Yep, there’s my license plate number. Yep, the make of the car is correct. But look at this, the color of the car is wrong.

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Play The Most Influential Amiga Games Now

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It wasn’t till 1987 that I experienced my first (and worst) case of technolust ever. The object that inspired such raw feelings of lust, of course, was the Commodore Amiga.

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GeeksWithBlogs Now Are Geeks With Subtext

The GeeksWithBlogs.net website just switched over its 1442 (and counting) blogs, containing 25,921 blog posts and 39,140 comments over to Subtext. As Jeff Julian reports, it only took them six hours.

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Databinding Tips: Nesting Eval Statements

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Maybe this is obvious, but it wasn’t obvious to me. I’m binding some data in a repeater that has the following output based on two numeric columns in my database. It doesn’t matter why or what the data represents. It’s just two pieces of data with some formatting:

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Where Should You Place Your Labels In Your Form

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UPDATE: Luke Wroblewski posted a link in my comments to his Best Practices for Form Design PDF. It is 100+ pages chock full of good usability information concerning forms. Thanks Luke!

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Voice Your Thoughts At The Mix07 Open Source Panel

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Rob Conery is soliciting our feedback for a panel on Open Source that he᾿ll be participating in at Mix07.

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Thank God You're Here

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How good are you at thinking on your feet?

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T-SQL Quiz - Dealing With Trends

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I’m not one to post a lot of quizzes on my blog. Let’s face it, while we may create altruistic reasons for posting quizzes such as:

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Subsonic 2.0 Beta 1

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LogoRob Conery just announced that Beta 1 of SubSonic 2.0 is ready for your immediate data access needs. He’s looking for beta testers (open to anyone and everyone) to make sure this release is rock solid.

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Video Dice Stacking

I think it’s time to start a video collection of amazing talents people acquire when they have too much time on their hands. This one must surely qualify. It’s worth two minutes of your time to check it out.

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State Of The Blog Report

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Technorati recently released their latest State of The Blogosphere report (renamed to something about the Live Web to avoid confusion with the Dead Web) chock full of statistics and pretty graphs.

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There Are Only Four Software Licenses

Jeff Atwood writes a great summary of Open Source Licenses. As far as I’m concerned, there’s really only four software licenses to worry about (open source or otherwise).

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How to Harvest Emails With Google And Protect Yours From Spammers

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Just something I noticed today. A lot of people (I may even be guilty of this) publish their emails on the web using the following format:

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Estimates And Actuals Are Not Bounded Evenly On Both Sides

Code CompleteA while ago I read Steve McConnel’s latest book, Software Estimation: Demystifying the Black Art, which is a fantastic treatise on the “Black Art” of software estimation.

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Rhino Mocks 3.0 Released!

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RhinoAyende just announced the release of Rhino Mocks 3.0. The downloads are located here. If you aren’t subscribed to Ayende’s blog, I highly recommend it. This guy never sleeps and churns out code like a tornado.

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Doubling Down At Mix 07

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You’ve been HAAA CKED will be well represented at Mix 07 this year. I thoroughly enjoyed Mix 06 last year and think 07 has the potential to be even better.

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Building A Strong Open Source Community Requires Empathy

A recent confrontational thread within the Subtext forums that I shared with Rob Conery got us into a discussion about the challenges of dealing with difficult members of an Open Source community. There are many approaches one can take. Some advocate not engaging disruptive community members. I tend to give everyone the benefit of the doubt at first. Rob often commends me for my paticence in dealing with users in the forums. Neither approach is necessarily better than the other. It’s a matter of style.

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Thread Safety Via Read Only Collections

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UPDATE: Made some corrections to the discussion of ReadOnlyCollection’s interface implementations near the bottom. Thanks to Thomas Freudenberg and Damien Guard for pointing out the discrepancy.

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