Cauldwell's This I Believe, The Developer Edition

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You know what I really like about posts like this? It’s a lot less writing for me. When people ask me what principles Subtext development tries to follow I can just point them to this post by Patrick Cauldwell.

I need to make sure the developer guide for Subtext development includes a link to this.

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  1. Avatar for StefanVE
    StefanVE May 24th, 2007

    I Agree, it is fantastic. I have a print out next to my screen and try to get more 'cauldwell' complient with each release.

  2. Avatar for Joe Brinkman
    Joe Brinkman May 27th, 2007

    I believe that this list falls short as it just focuses on the testing side. I also believe that code is not done until it is documented. At a minimum this should probably include XML comments. This does not need to be full blown end-user docs, but should be at least complete enough that other developers and the tech writing team can easily figure out your intent. Too often as developers we think our job is just getting code to run, but if no one else is able to use the code, or the resulting system, then we really haven't achieved our objective at all.