I’m going through a bit of a funk with work and writing. They seem somewhat intertwined. Writing this blog has been such an important outlet for me that it’s rough when I can’t seem to muster the energy to just keep writing.

So what do you do when you have blogger’s block? You blog about blogging of course! This isn’t the first time I’ve done it.

Looking at this list, which isn’t even comprehensive, I now realize I have a bit of a blogging problem. I mean, just look at that last entry in the list. That has to be when blogging about blogging jumped the shark. Then again, after Fonzie jumped the shark, Happy Days continued on as a top television show for six more seasons. Jumping the shark doesn’t necessarily lead to decline.

But I digress.

These days, I have a new tool for fighting bloggers block. On Twitter today, I asked people to do me a favor. Now that my blog is hosted on GitHub.com using Jekyll, there’s an associated repository with issues!

So I asked folks to log an issue with a topic you’d like me to write about. In other words, for some crazy reason, you think I might have something interesting to write about this topic.

A big challenge for me is each blog post (well, every one except this one) takes me a lot of time and effort to write. So I end up looking at that effort and decide to watch Game of Thrones or Archer instead.

Sometimes though, an idea will just grab me by the neck and not let go until I absolutely have to write about it. I can’t promise I’ll address every idea posted in my blog’s issues. I might not even do any. But my hope is one of the posted issues will grab be hard and toss me in front of the keyboard until all the words spill out.

One topic I plan to write about is how I’ve been using GitHub repositories and issues to manage many aspects of my life apart from software lately. I also want to make sure I get back to my roots and blog more about code. But I am curious to hear what you’re interested in. Thanks!