In the 1998 movie, The Big Hit, the protagonists kidnap the daughter of an extremely wealthy Japanese businessman. When they call to deliver the ransom notice, they turn to Gump who employs a brand name Trace Buster to prevent police from tracing the call.

Unbeknownst to Gump, the father has a Trace-Buster-Buster at his disposal. This in turn triggers Gump to use his Trace-Buster-Buster-Buster in an ever escalating battle to evade detection.

I just love that scene.

But I’m not here to talk about movies. I’ve recently noticed a post or two critical of the practice of blogging about blogging i.e. Metablogging.

I couldn’t help but to think of the Trace-Buster-Buster-Buster… The irony of dismissing blogging about blogging is that in doing so, you’re blogging about blogging about blogging. And in highlighting this, I’m blogging about blogging about blogging about … well you get the picture. I’ve become a Meta-Meta-Meta-Meta blogger.

Not that I’m taking sides here. If you find blogging about blogging boring, so be it. It is quite easy to avoid it. But I doubt it will simply die off. Unless of course blogging itself dies off.

I recently walked through the hallowed shelves of the local Borders book store in Santa Monica with my wife and noticed an entire shelf of books on writing. The thought that we might see the end of writing about writing never occured to me.