I’m going to buck tradition and start a new craze just because I mean to. Let’s call it, blogging while buzzed. Perhaps it will be the next meme, fad whatever, but this won’t be the happy byproduct or unintended consequence of an event, but the sole purpose of this blog posting.

Yes, I know, I can’t be so pretentious to think that I can start a craze by just saying I’m doing so. But hey! I’m buzzed, I can do what I want! I can try to do all sort of impossible things. Requiring success is not on my radar. In fact, I’ll be right back in a few minutes while I find an elegant and simple solution to Fermat’s last theorem.

Everyone out there get buzzed and blog I say!

I’m back and man, I have written a fantastic solution in the margins of this blog, but I accidentally deleted it and wiped my drive with DOD level 7 erasing technology. Lots of 1s and 0s overwriting that bit of mathematical legendom. It’s rather freeing to take away all inhibitions and intelligence and just type words as they flow System.IO.StreamOfConsciousness.

As I mentioned earlier, I have a friend visiting from London. Let’s call him Michael (don’t let the fact that Michael is his real name bother you. We needn’t quibble over details).

In any case, since I have a production move at 2:00 AM (I’m just here to consult if things don’t go smoothly), I thought I might as well go out for a drink with my friend beforehand. So after a few dead-ends (it is a Monday evening after all), we end up at Temple bar where a very friendly band named Boku (meaning plenty) is playing.

I started the evening off with a Knob creek, moved to a whiskey sour, and ended up helping Michael and his friend finish their whiskey sour and mojito respectively. That leaves me quite loosened up for a 2AM production move that is currently moving along quite smoothly. We’re just waiting for the scripts to finish.

Yes, I do realize that any present and future employers will now consider me a loose cannon and will not want me near their production databases. But as I said, I’m only here on a consultory and supervisory role. I have no real access right now and am not a danger to our business (whew!). Besides, I’ve done production moves for a Fortune 100 client after several fine margaritas from El Cholo back when I worked at a Microsoft Gold Partner. I wouldn’t recommend that as a standard practice, but all went well. Till next time, over and out…