I swear I never do these stupid quizzes or memes or whatever you call it, but this is only three questions. If it’s good enough for Sam Ruby, it’s good enough for me.

  1. Why did you begin blogging and what motivates you to blog today?

    I started before it was called blogging as a way for my family and friends to keep tabs on me. I was basically rubbing it in that I was in sunny Los Angeles while my family and friends suffered the bitter cold of an Alaskan winter. What motivates me today is fame, fortune and vanity! Though the first two still elude me, what really motivates me are these great relationships and conversations I’ve had online. Blogging spurred me to get involved in open source software and provides a steady stream of alternate viewpoints.

  2. What tips can you offer to others who want to start blogging or improve their existing blog?

    I think Sam says it well enough. I’ll only add, don’t take yourself too seriously and have fun with it. Write for yourself first, and others second. Thus if blogging ends up being just a fad (I don’t think it is), what would you care as you’ve improved your writing skills, had an outlet of expression, and made many interesting contacts along the way. Not to mention the fame and fortune that most certainly is yours.

  3. What are three blogs that you read daily and why?

    Did you say three, or three hundred? If I tried to only list three, I’d start to sound like an incoherent academy award winner stepping over the alloted time thanking countless friends and feigning worry about those little people I might offend. I started off with a small list and it just seemed to grow organically. Person A, whom I respect, mentions person B alot, so I link to person B. I often subscribe to people who link to my site (because they obviously have good taste) or comment on my site, and then drop them if they start to bore me. I really need to cut down on my list. But since you asked, three that come to mind are…