How To Build IBlogExtension Plug-ins for RSS Bandit

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RSS Bandit Logo Plug-ins are a powerful way for users to dynamically enhance the functionality of an installed application. Is there a high priority feature you want that is low priority for the developers? Perhaps you can write a plug-in.

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Syntax Highlighting Revisited: SnippetCompiler.

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CompilerRegarding Syntax Highlighting, Daniel Turini pointed out that SnippetCompiler has the ability to export code to the clipboard (and to a file) as HTML.

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Hilarious Euro Cup 2004 Video

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PeleI’m a huge soccer fan so I had a good laugh at this funny video.

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Syntax Highlighting. Converting C# (et al) to HTML.

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I’ve probably read a hundred or so posts of people looking for a way to syntax highlight source code listings in HTML. Maybe I’m the last to discover this site, but is the answer for me so far. Just cut and paste some C#, VB, html/xml/aspx code int the text box and click “format my code” and voila! You get some clean HTML displaying nicely formatted code.

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The meaning of Impedance Mismatch

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You’ve probably heard the term Impedance Mismatch thrown around when discussing object relational mapping. I’m sure it comes up every morning at the water cooler. Maybe you’ve even thrown it around yoursef a few times. Do you know what the term means?

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Self-Contradictory Word Of The Day

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Quick! What is the definition of the word moot? I’ll use it in a sentence.

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Bill Bryson Scoops Prize -- for Science Writing

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A Short History of Nearly Everything I’m right in the middle of reading this book right now and I can’t heap enough praise upon it. This is a worthwhile read.

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FUNNY: Fahrenheit 9/11 Poster

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We're Going Camping!

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Sequoia National ParkWe’ll be out enjoying the wilderness this weekend at Sequoia National Park. I once worked at a company with Sequoia in its name. This park is not owned by them.

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The Real Pain Of Software Development [part 1]

UPDATE: I finally followed up with part 2, only 8 years later.

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7 Arrested in School Cafeteria Food Fight (AP)

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Wolfgang Puck could not be reached for comment.

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WARNING: PayPal Scam.

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Be aware that there is a PayPal scam going around. I received the following email which had a forged from address of “”. There’s a reason they don’t want you to reply, because it exposes the scam. They’d rather have you run the attached program. DO NOT DO IT! This is a scam. It is easy to forge the headers of an email. It didn’t come from PayPal.

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Test First Development Doesn't Mean You Don't Walk Through Your Code

Test First Development, the process of writing unit tests to test the code you are about to write, is one of my favorite software practices that has an impact on producing better written code. However, it’s no a panacea. It is true that I use the debugger much less often because of TDD, but there are still occasions where it’s important to manually step through code line by line.

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If Bill And Ted Were Coders

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Googlers are Burners

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Thread Naming and Asynchronous Method Calls

ThreadTypically when you spawn a new thread, you want to give it a name to facilitate debugging. For example:

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But It's All Plugged In

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This is one of the funniest tech support stories I’ve heard in a long time. Even you non-geeks can appreciate this…

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Boy Not Allowed To Bring Porn Star To Prom

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Guess he should have remembered to take out the trash… Oh wait, he tried.

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Welcome To My New And Improved (And Permanent) Blog Location

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I finally decided to quit being a cheap-ass and so I purchased web hosting with WebHost4Life. Now my blog is hosted at rather than that old ugly domain name (

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Unleashing a new design...

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Thanks to the help of the very talented Joel Bernarte, I have a nice new look to the site. He created the logo you see at top. I then spent a bunch of time trying to modify the layout and Css to do the logo justice.

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