Surprisingly, most of my good friends who read this blog don’t care much about software development or .NET. They’re not riveted by gripping stories of flexible configuration section handlers, or the heart palpitating episodes of my titanic battle with the StringDictionary’s handling of string casing. Nor do they spend their leisure moments contemplating new and exciting IBlogExtension plugins.

What, pray tell, do these people do for fun, you ask? It’s still a mystery to me.

Last night my friend Walter told me that his interest wanes when I post a long ode to code. He’s one of those guys who like to read the “Human Interest” stories in the paper (and my blog).

Many blogs (mine included) have post categories to group entries. I could suggest that he subscribe to every category except for the Software Dev & .NET, but as he uses to subscribe, that would really clutter his main page. It’d be great if Yahoo provided the ability to subscribe to multiple categories of a single blog and present that as one blog. At the very least they could display the category for blog items.

However, if you don’t mind the clutter, here are links to the RSS feeds for each of my categories (thus far).

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