Mono 1.0 is out

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Sweet! This is extremely exciting. Now developing for the Linux platform is becoming a viable option. Perhaps I can start putting penguins in my office, post on Slashdot more often, and join the 1337. ;). Miguel notes:

We vastly underestimated the Slashdot effect. There were 85k hits in the first hour since we went live, and then the machine collapsed under the weight and has remained in that state despite repeated attempts to get some data out of it.

[Via Miguel de Icaza]

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    Niels Hansen July 1st, 2004

    I downloaded a version about a month ago and it still has LONG way to even come close. This is a great attempt and I hope it works so I can run .NET on my G5.

    The biggest problem is that they are still trying to get .NET 1.0 working and Microsoft will be at 2.0 in the next couple of months.

    The best we can hope for is that they have a version that is 2-4 years behind the latest and greatest. If you can live with that then you'll be happy. If not then it will probably frustrate the hell out of you waiting....