Tablet PC (Toshiba M200) Woe - Goodbye Hard Drive

Toshiba M200 I’m pretty bummed today as my Tablet PC went on a holiday and refuses to come back. I’m pretty sure it’s a problem with the hard drive as the last event viewer message I saw was a warning that the system detected an imminent hard drive failure. That’s when I started backing everything up.

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This Song Is So Much Fun

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Pics of Real Madrid vs Galaxy Game

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I forgot to link to my pics on Flikr.

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Real Madrid Was a Treat, Despite Glitches

See Your Name In Pictures!

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Did I ever tell you I really love Flickr? I’m sure I have. Anyways, found this little gem via Roy.

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Model View Controller Application Block in .NET

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Ok, one of you forgot to send me the memo about the MVC application block released by Microsoft. Fess up. Who forgot to send the memo?

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Google Has The Answer To Life The Universe and Everything

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Calculator Try searching for the following search term in Google

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Video: The And 1 of Soccer (Football for you Brits)

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Soccer Video This is one of the freshest soccer videos I’ve ever seen. All moves that were obviously copied from poachers watching me on the pitch. In a way, this is like those fancy “And 1” basketball videos, except these moves are all legal… and it’s soccer.

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Problem: Can't Access Anything on LocalHost?

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Just the other day, I tried viewing a web application I’m developing on my local machine. After navigating to http://localhost/MyWebApp/ I got a blank browser screen. Nada. Zippo. Nothing. Not even the benefit of an error message.

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Roof Sex

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Chairs Having
SexWarning! This video contains graphic scenes of home furniture having sex. Although the video might be safe for work, the audio portion is not (for those who cannot see the screen). So turn down the volume a bit and check out this funny video.

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Code Camp Black Rock City?

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Black Rock
City Ok, this is kind of a crazy idea, so as Ron Burgundy would say,

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Debugging Detective Stories

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Scott Hanselman has the interesting tendency to run into the weirdest debugging problems.

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Yes! Moving from VSS to Subversion

I just received the good news from one of my clients that they installed Subversion over the weekend. We’ve all been wrestling with using Microsoft Visual SourceCrapSafe over the VPN (and yes, we tried out SourceOffSite which helped) but the sheer number of problems we ran into was overwhelming.

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Anyone Know Of a ASP.NET Connection String Custom Control

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Before I spend time writing my own, does anybody out there know of an ASP.NET custom control that can render a nice interface for specifying a connection string?

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London Terrorist Attack

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London Blast By now you must have heard that there was a Terrorist attack in London in which at least 33 are dead and many more injured.

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HowTo Support your Favorite Blogger

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Randy posts this summary list of tips from It’s a nice list to be sure, but I’ve always been partial to a big fat wad of cash.

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First Wi-Fi theft Case Prosecuted

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Know What You Really Think - Implicit Association

This caught my attention from Meta-Douglasp. From the home page…

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Hey Look! I’m a Rock Star!

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I don’t know who these people are, but How To Rockstar just wrote up my blog with a very nice review (thanks guys, I see you got the check I sent).

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Happy Fourth of July! Historical Outsourcing Lesson.

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Flag The United States is like your family, it’s got its problems and can seem dysfunctional at times, but you gotta love it, and it sure beats being in some of them other countries.

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