What Happens when you Cross-Breed Barney and the Tele-Tubbies?

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You get BoohBah!

This is supposedly for kids, but it is about the most trippy subversive thing I’ve ever seen. Please excuse me while I check myself into a psychiatric ward.

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  1. Avatar for gary
    gary July 23rd, 2005

    awwww you beat me to it. I was totally going to write about this freaky shit. I saw this last night with mark and our, ahem, friend Mary Jane. Do babies really like this stuff? I think this might be made for retarded kids or something.

  2. Avatar for Haacked
    Haacked July 23rd, 2005

    Which may explain why you might enjoy it while harging out with, ahem, Mary Jane. ;)

  3. Avatar for Kieran Jacobsen
    Kieran Jacobsen July 23rd, 2005

    Whats with the ugly people on some of that site?

  4. Avatar for Jon Galloway
    Jon Galloway July 28th, 2005

    Dude, tell me about it.

    My 1 year old just completed a phase where she required this show for her daily existance. The rest of us were cautiously optimistic that our new alien friends would bring a new age of shiny rainbow happy times to our planet. When this failed to materialize, we quickly soured on the BoohBah alien cabal, Mr. Man, Mrs. Lady, Grand Papa, Grand Mamma, and Brother and Sister. Our hopes are not pinned on the brother and sister duo, Charlie and Lola. At least they have a peppy theme song: