Going Into Design Debt

Found this post in the trackbacks section of my post on Mental Laziness. It’s a classic example of where management pressure often leads to mental laziness.

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Splitting Pascal/Camel Cased Strings

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Found this post in RossCode which mentions a blog post that discusses how to bind enumerations to drop downs, something I’ve done quite often.

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Must We Put Code In Our Blog Titles and Subtitles?

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Perhaps it’s a rather innocuous practice, but after seeing one too many I am compelled to rant a bit, if only to be a total jerk. What do I speak of? I was going through the blogs in my blog reader the other day and I started noticing the predilection for geek blogs to have “cute” titles and/or subtitles with code snippets. I know we’re geeks, but must we be THAT geeky? It’s become so trendy that I must start the backlash now.

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MEME: Top 10 Recent Blogs

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Ok, I am looking for some blogging fresh meat, so I thought I’d try my hand at starting a meme. The criteria is purposely vague and very simple. I want you to list ten blogs you’ve really enjoyed reading recently. Especially the underrated, undiscovered, recent finds. They don’t have to be your favorite blogs of all time, just ones that have caught your notice recently.

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Now Repeat After Me, Var Isn't an Object

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Leave it to Ian to cut through the crap and give a very clear and detailed account of what exactly the new var keyword in C# does.

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VisualStudioHacks is alive...

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Good to see James revive this. I really need to buy this book.

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The Downside to Cool Software Names

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Certainly there’s been a bit of a bad reaction regarding the name changes of Indigo to WCF and Avalon to WPF.

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Refactoring the Gregorian Calendar

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In 1582, the Julian calendar was really starting to show its age. A bunch of brains got together and came up with the Gregorian calendar, which was received by the general population with a big middle finger in the air. Many saw it as an attempt by greedy landlords to cheat tenants out of a week of rent.

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Tickets to Spain

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Picked up our airline tickets to Spain today. We’ll be visiting in November, landing in Madrid, travelling through Andalucia and ending up in Barcelona. The main thing I want to visit in Madrid is the area where I used to live called Torrejon de Ardoz.

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It Never Rains in Southern California...Except Today

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UPDATE: Looks like I was sleeping during my class on 70s funk. It was Albert Hammond who wrote It Never Rains In Southern California, not Kool and the Gang. Thanks Jeff.

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Avoid Premature Generalization

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You’ve no doubt heard me rant against premature optimization in the past, but Eric Gunnerson points out another “Premature” action to be avoided, “Premature Generalization”.

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Paul Van Dyk at the Mayan

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Anyone here in L.A. going to this?

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My Mental Laziness Mistakes

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It wouldn’t be fair to point out the mistakes of other developers being lazy without pointing out that I have been very guilty of this myself. The point of the post is not to trash another person’s coding habits, but to present an ideal to work towards. Sometimes, intellectual “laziness” is absolutely necessary as in the example presented in the comments of that post.

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Be Lazy, But Not Intellectually Lazy

Lazy A while ago, Jeff Atwood wrote about the merits of laziness for successful software developers. Lest this become the mantra of sub-performing developers everywhere, I wanted to follow up with a clarification.

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The Formalities of Being Incorporated

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dsc00687 I am back from our first Board of Director’s meeting in San Francisco. The sheer amount of legal formality required in conducting business as a corporation is really quite interesting. They aren’t kidding when they say it will increase the amount of paperwork you deal with.

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Don't Mess With The Donald... Knuth That Is

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Mathematicians and Computer Scientists know that the Donald that has had real impact in our world is Donald Knuth, not Mr. Trump. He is a giant in the industry and very well respected.

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Dining in San Francisco

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dsc00694 Akumi and I decided to turn the business trip into a short weekend getaway. After the meeting, we all went out to Espetus, a brazilian churrasco place. Each table had a simple dial. Turn it to green and the waiters with the sticks keep coming to your table offering slices of sweet glorious meat. Turn it to red to put a temporary end to the gluttony. Needless to say, it took an extreme amount of willpower to turn that dial to red once we set it to green.

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PDC Underground

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Just got back from the PDC Underground at the Westin Bonaventure which had its fair share of great and not so great grok talks. I went with Micah and Jon and met a few people I’ve only been acquainted with via subscribing to their blogs.

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Blogs Influence In Senate Confirmation Hearings for Chief Justice

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Walt provides this interesting look at how blogs have some influence within the Senate confirmation hearings for Judge Roberts.

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New Job

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Well I’ve kept this relatively quiet long enough, but since Jon Galloway spilled the beans, I might as well mention it. I am no longer an independent consultant.

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