The Bell Ringer

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I just had to post this in its full glory. Great leadup Matt!

You just came to Texas Tech University as a freshman…

You are SO PROUD that you were chosen to be the “Bell Ringer”. Your job is to ring the school’s bell during the big game to help pump up the crowd…

Your whole family, all your friends, and 15 million ESPN viewers see you on Saturday’s telecast ringing the team’s bell. But, due to the tragically unfortunate placement of the bell, the camera, and your body, your whole family, all of your friends, and 15 million ESPN viewers see this instead….

[Via public MattBerther : ISerializable]

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    Marty Thompson November 1st, 2005

    That is freaking hilarious. It's the build-up that makes it truly amusing. It's currently making the rounds among my co-workers and friends.

  2. Avatar for November 22nd, 2005

    Read the story first....

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